PUBG Mobile Brings Back Infection Mode To Celebrate Halloween

PUBG Mobile is bringing back the popular Infection Mode to celebrate the spooky season. This time around the Zombie team will be wearing Halloween masks, and the map will include decorations such as jack-o-lanterns, gravestones, and a cult-ish amount of candles. The event will run until November 9.

If you’re not familiar with Infection Mode, the basics are simple. Players are assigned to the Defenders team or Zombies team at the beginning of each round. The Zombies will then spend the match hunting down every single Defender before time runs out. If even a single Defender remains standing, the Zombies lose the round.

Defenders aren’t helpless, though. They’ll be able to use M416s and AK47s to fend off Zombies, who are equip with nothing other than melee attacks and a few abilities on cooldown timers. Defenders who are killed respawn as Zombies, growing the horde and increasing the odds in their favor. They’ll also be able to earn powerups that allow them to move faster or become invisible.

Towards the end of the round, when only three Defenders are left standing, Zombies will no longer be allowed to respawn if they die. This can turn the tables and give Defenders a better chance at survival when things are starting to look bleak.

To play the new game mode, just click the Select Mode menu in PUBG Mobile, then navigate to the EvoGround option. Once there, you should see the new Infection Mode listed as an option.

This month will also see the arrival of new costumes, although we’re still waiting on specific details.

PUBG Mobile has been having an incredible year so far, although earlier this month it was the victim of targeted DDoS attacks, forcing players to disconnect from its servers. Hackers have haunted the game for a while, although PUBG has done everything in its power to prevent them from ruining the mobile experience. In fact, the game banned over 2 million accounts this year for cheating – a huge step in the right direction.

PUBG Mobile’s Infection Mode is now available and will stick around until November 2.

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