PSVR PS5 Camera Adapter Included In New Bundles… In Japan

Sony has been pretty quiet on how it will distribute the PSVR PS5 camera adapter needed to use the headset with the new console when it launches in November. Later this month, though, you’ll be able to pick one up with the headset itself in Japan.

The Japanese PlayStation Blog today introduced two new bundles for the company’s popular headset. One includes a pair of Move controllers and four games: Astro Bot, Everybody’s Golf VR, Blood & Truth and PlayStation VR Worlds. The second pack includes just the headset and PSVR Worlds (both have the PS4 camera too, obviously).

PSVR PS5 Camera Adapter Bundle Revealed (In Japan)

In the text, the blog confirms that both packs will include the adapter to plug the PS4 camera into the PS5. They go on sale October 29th, just a few weeks before PS5’s November launch. Not only that, but anyone buying a PSVR separately from the bundle packs will also be given the adapter for free in-store at the time of purchase.

Sony still hasn’t detailed its strategy for getting the camera adapter out to PS5 owners in the west but has assured it will be distributed free of charge. PS5 should be able to play the vast majority of PSVR titles once you have it, though we do know that Robinson: The Journey won’t be backwards compatible.

Note that you have to have this adapter to play PSVR on PS5. Strangely, Sony’s new camera that’s native to the upcoming console won’t support PSVR. With PS5 now gearing up for launch from November 12th, we’re getting a little anxious to hear exactly how that adapter will be distributed.

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