PSN more reliable than Xbox Live but both better than Steam reveals new report

A new study has worked out how regularly major network services and websites go down and it seems Discord is the absolute worse.

Having your broadband go down when you’re in the middle of a game or movie is one thing, but at least you can phone BT to try and get them to fix it. When it’s an online service or website, though, there’s nothing you can do but wait and hope.

Website ToolTest has published a list of the 30 most unreliable services in the US and UK, over the last 12 months, and as you can see Discord is the absolute worst in America, with 129 outages.

Video game related services and websites seem to be the worst in general, with Netflix only at number 17 but Steam at number two, Xbox Live at number six, and PSN at number nine.

However, the lists combine both service outages and only the website going down, which has inflated the Steam ranking in particular.

The Xbox Live and PSN rankings are worked out in the same manner but since 65% of the reports were related to online play for Xbox Live and 64% for PSN it’s basically the same difference.

The UK list is essentially the same, in terms of the relative positions of the gaming services, but with British provides Sky, Virgin Media, and Talk Talk taking the top spots.

There’s not much you can really do about any of this as an ordinary customer, since the big broadband providers are all as bad as each other.

Which means it really comes down to customer service and speed of repair, as to which is actually the most reliable.

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Data: ToolTester

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