PSN DOWN: PS4 server status latest, users hit by WS-37504-9 network error message

PSN is down for hundreds of gamers with PS4 reporting getting a WS-37504-9 network error message when they try to play online.

Independent outage monitor Down Detector has received a surge of PSN down reports today.

Out of those affected some 50 per cent are experiencing PSN sign-in issues while other PS4 fans have been hit by social and online gaming problems.

The Down Detector outage map says the PSN down issues are mainly affecting gamers in the UK, Europe and parts of the US today.

As the PSN issues hit PS4 fans took to social networking site Twitter to report issues with the service.

One fan tweeted: “Is psn down?”

Another wrote: “@AskPS_UK I think psn is down, everyone getting same issue”.

One added: “PSN down for anyone?”

And one posted: “Psn is down”.

Down Detector has registered hundreds of PSN down reports today, with the site receiving a peak of over 1,400 PSN down reports.

Down Detector is an independent outage monitor which tracks mentions on social media sites to detect when popular services go down.

Despite these large scale reports of PSN down the PlayStation Network Service Status page currently says “all services are up and running”.

Responding to one PS4 fans reporting PSN issues, the Ask PlayStation UK Twitter posted: “Hi! Our network is fine as you can see here

Can you tell us what error message and code you’re getting?”

More to follow…

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