PS5 Will Attach A Spoiler Warning To Shared Screenshots

There’s nothing worse than stumbling across a spoiler, or having a friend ruin a key piece of narrative by eagerly sharing their screenshots. This annoyance may become a thing of the past, however, as the PlayStation 5 will accompany your shared screenshot with a spoiler warning for other users.

Sony’s User Experience walkthrough video provided players with a first look at the user interface, which showed a number of features that look smooth and easy to access. Noted that the walkthrough was set in a pre-production environment – subject to change – the video showcased seamless transitions from one game to another, joining parties and viewing activities. By tapping the PlayStation button whilst in-game, players will be able to see a list of activities or in-game levels still to be completed. Selecting one activity will give gamers a breakdown of that level and what is still to be completed, including which key objectives are yet to be obtained.

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The video also touched on screen sharing within parties – whilst playing SackBoy: A Big Adventure – which are contained within the PlayStation 5’s Create function. The impressive video concluded with a note on taking screenshots and sharing to supported external services and created parties. After flaunting the console’s ability for voice dictation, it was then explained that if your friend has not yet reached the activity shown in the screenshot, then they’ll receive a warning before viewing.

This dynamic feature is a considerate addition to social interaction within the PlayStation 5, to help remove disruption to a player’s experience. The feature allows any developer to “opt-in”, where the team will register key points within the game that they want flagged as spoilers. The system also recognizes if your friend has not yet reached this activity in the game, and warns them before the screenshot can be opened. It’s a calculated idea from Sony, designed to significantly enhance the user’s experience and protect their sacred game playing at all costs.

PS Plus members will also have access to in-game help supplied by developers who wish to participate in the program. This feature will supply players with contextual videos at any point during gameplay, and provide tips or guides without the fear of encountering spoilers.

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