PS5 UK restock starts today with Argos, Amazon, GAME, Very, and John Lewis

Almost all major UK shops will be getting new stock of the PS5 in this week and next, with Amazon receiving its biggest restock ever.

Yesterday, Sony admitted that the PlayStation 5 was going to be difficult to get hold of for at least another year, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be impossible to acquire.

By coincidence, a major restock is happening this week and next at most major UK retailers, or at least that’s according to stock tracking Twitter accounts such as PS5 Stock UK and PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates.

The exact days and times they’ll be available isn’t clear but if you’ve been waiting for your chance then it’s best to check the various websites at the times listed in the tweet below.

ShopTo, Asda, Currys PC World, Scan, and Studio may also be getting new stock this month, with Currys known to be sending out more codes for their Priority Pass lottery system this week.

Argos was the first to get stock though and once again chose to release it in the early hours of the morning, something that has been consistently criticised as only benefiting scalpers, whose bots don’t care whether they have to stay up all night.

The dates in the tweet are only estimates though and unless there’s official confirmation of a time from the retailer themselves, they’re not guaranteed.

PS5 Stock UK suggests the Amazon drop may not happen until between May 17 and 19 (Monday and Wednesday next week) so this isn’t an exact science.

Both Sony and Microsoft have been criticised for not helping the situation in any way, with no attempt at a lottery system or anything else to stop scalpers.

Only a few shops, such as Currys PC World and, have instigated their own systems to try and make distribution fairer, with the only silver lining being that scalper prices on eBay and other sites have been consistently failing since the beginning of the year.

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