PS5 release news: Will Google Stadia price change PlayStation 5 plans?

The PS5 will have a new rival in the Google Stadia streaming service, which is scheduled to begin in 2019.

And this has led many to speculate over how this new announcement could affect Sony’s plans for PlayStation 5 news in 2019.

Revealed earlier this week during GDC, there was plenty of reasons to believe this new venture could take on the likes of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Being made available on mobile phones and low-end laptops will no doubt help boost the Google Stadia appeal.

And there are some that believe this new streaming service from Google will be a heavyweight contender in the coming years.

However, there is plenty of caution over the new announcement, especially when it comes to gamers switching from the current market leaders.

Rob Fahey, writer at Games Industry highlights the current facts surrounding what we know about Stadia and how hardcore gamers may react, explaining: “The pitch thus far is that this is a service that will replace your console; you won’t buy a PlayStation 5 because you’ve got access to Stadia.

“It’s a big claim, especially stacked up against the more moderate pitch both Sony and Microsoft are making for their own cloud streaming services, which are both shaping up (for the time being) as “snack between meal” offerings — something you do alongside and in between sessions on a fully-specced Xbox, PlayStation or PC.

“If that’s Google’s pitch, I’ll call it now; short of some kind of dramatic loss-leading subscription pricing (of the kind that destroys industry value in fairly short order and in which no developer or publisher in their right mind should participate), this is going to flop hard.

“For the vast majority of PC and console gamers, Stadia is going to offer an objectively worse game experience — more latency, worse picture quality — in return for convenience features that few will find all that important.”

However, Fahey also comments on different areas of the gaming market where Google could have a definite impact, such as gamers who don’t want to spend a lot on hardware.

Patrick Weekers, Growth Director at Utomik, also covers the subject, posting that tech limitations haven’t caught up with the likes of PlayStation and Microsoft yet.

“The launch of Google Stadia is just another cloud streaming announcement for the gaming industry. However, it proves public perception of subscription gaming (and access vs. ownership) has evolved, which has caused big tech companies to scrabble for a share of the market.

“A key issue with Stadia surrounds quality and delivery. Regardless how much money you have, streaming technology still doesn’t hold a candle to downloads.

“Put simply, the technology for a fully streamed solution just isn’t there yet. 5G networks, for example, are still being tested, meaning most consumers will not be able to use this technology any time soon, let alone on all devices at any time.

“That barrier isn’t something you can punch through with capital. It can only be circumvented with a download-based system, that functions optimally with fast and slow connections and still lets you play games as soon as possible.”

But one key piece of information is still missing about Stadia which will have a massive effect on next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

The price of the PS5 has yet to be revealed, and neither has the cost of Stadia.

Finding this out will no doubt show the resilience current Sony and Microsoft gamers have when it comes to switching to a new service.

“If it’s not on a subscription basis I’ll be shocked,” Lewis Ward, research director for gaming at IDC told Games Industry about Google Stadia.

“All of the similar services to date have certainly moved in this direction over time, including PlayStation Now.”

“[The price of Stadia] will be put in the context, whether Google likes it or not, of what gamers are currently paying for the gaming experiences they enjoy.

“If Stadia costs more I think it will face an uphill battle to take market share from how the market works today.”

So while we still don’t know what price Stadia will be, this fact could have an impact on the PS5 release date.

Will Sony change their plans and try to offer a cheaper option to undercut the impact of Google Stadia and will they also look to bring their next console to the market faster?

There’s even a chance that Sony could announce their new console before Google reveals its price plan.

Whatever does happen, all eyes are on Sony and Microsoft and how they plan to take on their new rival in 2019 and beyond.

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