PS5 News, Rumors, and Predictions – Beyond Episode 625

BEYOND!On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show Podcast Beyond, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Lucy O'Brien, and Max Scoville to discuss everything we know, and don't, about the PS5 so far. The cast breaks down news, rumors, and offers up some predictions about what we hope to see from the PS5 this year.Big PS4, PS5 Games Coming in 2020
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Podcast Beyond! is live every Wednesday at 3 p.m. PT. For the latest on PS5, check out the new PS5 logo, how fans reacted to the PS5 logo, and check out images of the allegedly PS5 dev kit and controller, as well as a leak alleging the power of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Jonathon Dornbush is IGN's Senior News Editor, host of Podcast Beyond!, and PlayStation lead. Talk to him on Twitter @jmdornbush.

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