PS5 breaks another sales record and 18 million units planned for 2021

Sony hasn’t shared official numbers, but it’s believed the PS5 managed to ship over 3 million units in its first four weeks.

The PlayStation 5 has been an undeniable financial success for Sony, considering how quickly it sold out.

And while the company has yet to share any official sales numbers, a report from Digitimes claims that the console managed to ship 3.4 million units within the first four weeks of launch.

If this report is indeed accurate, this would make another sales record broken. Sony confirmed back in October that the PS5 sold more in 12 hours than the PlayStation 4 did in 12 days on pre-orders alone, which certainly makes Digitimes’ claim believable.

Digitimes also says that Sony is stepping up production as well, with the company intending to ship between 16.8 and 18 million units in 2021.

It will achieve this with additional capacity support from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and backend service firms.

While the PS5 did manage to sell out completely, not everybody was able to get hold of one at launch.

Not only was there not enough supply to meet demand, but scalpers were able to obtain multiple units with the intention of selling them above the standard retail price.

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