PS4 Surprise UPDATE: Download a free PlayStation console game bonus TODAY

PS4 gamers this weekend have a big choice of free game content on the PSN.

Not only do they have some exciting open betas to download and play, but they can also try out a few upcoming titles early.

Like in the past, game developers like to release special demos of their latest video games before they hit shelves.

And this weekend has seen several new ones released on the PlayStation Store for PS4 gamers.

As should be noted, these won’t include the full game experience but will instead offer a taste of what they will be like when they launch later this year.

So it’s great news for fans waiting to try out The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III on the PlayStation platform.

Scheduled to launch on September 28, the new Trails of Cold Steel demo can be downloaded right now.

Gamers will need to find around 14GB to install the trial version, a pretty hefty size for the base PS4 consoles.


Publishers NiS America has confirmed that the Trails of Cold Steel III demo contains the entire prologue and carries over save data to the full game.

Fans can also explore the in-game library featuring information on the previous two instalments, along with character bios and other terminology. This should make it easy for both veterans and newcomers to get up to speed with what is happening in the Trails franchise.

“In Trails of Cold Steel III, you play as Rean Schwarzer, a graduate from Thors Military Academy who’s starting his new life as an instructor at the academy’s branch campus,” a message from the game developer reads.

“Heralded as a war hero, he and his peers of the renowned Class VII played a pivotal role in the empire’s civil war a few years prior.

“Now, the peace is disturbed once again and Rean must lead his students — the new generation of Class VII — through this darkness to find a brighter future.”

But while Save Data will pass over from the demo version of the game, other features are set to be disabled.

For example, no trophies will be available in the demo version, so in order to ensure you are able to acquire the trophy for completing the prologue in the full game, gamers will need to follow these steps:

1) Create a save in the demo right before its end boss. 2) Transfer that save to the full game. 3) Defeat the boss in the full game to acquire the trophy.

More on the official game mechanics and other features can be found below, with a new blog post revealing: “Aside from familiar mechanics like fishing, new features are brought to the table such as the Vantage Masters mini-game.

“The combat system has also been improved, thanks to the addition of Brave Orders and the Break System. Brave Orders provide party-wide buffs to give an upper hand for a certain number of turns and are specific to each character.

“The Break System is shown as a blue bar underneath the enemy’s health. Damaging the enemies will decrease their Break meter until it’s depleted to zero, to which they become “Broken.” A “Broken” enemy drops its items, is more susceptible to damage, has their buffs cancelled, and is unbalanced by all attacks and crafts.”

And the Trails demo is just one of several new options that have been added to the PlayStation Store this month.

Gamers can also download and install the new Trials Rising Demo from Ubisoft, which was released earlier in September.

It doesn’t boast the 100+ tracks the full game has, but Ubisoft has provided some top levels to challenge you with.

Sports fans can also check out the new FIFA 20 demo before the full game is launched later this week.

And MMORPG fans can also put Code Vein through its paces, which recently saw the demo expanded with new multiplayer features.

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