PS VR2 Might Take Years To Work On PC According To A Developer

PS VR2 launches February 2, 2023, for $549.99. Sony also recently showcased it at CES 2023, where a select few also got to test it. Now, a new comment has revealed that it likely won’t be compatible with Steam VR anytime soon.

As reported by Upload VR, a post on the r/PSVRHack elaborates why the upcoming headset might take years to have any sort of compatibility with PC. This explanation comes via a developer from Mediator Software, who developed the third-party tool iVRy, which is needed to run the original PS VR on PC and SteamVR.

The post started off by explaining how the original PSVR is "equivalent to a monitor and so it is relatively simple to get a video signal up on it”. Even then, it took years for modders to figure out a way for the tracking and controllers to work on PC. The dev also noted how the compatibility is still a “work in progress” even five years after its release.

The post pointed out how different the upcoming PS VR2 is from its predecessor as it uses a single USB cable for video and controllers. Since the reverse-engineering of the original PS VR took so long, it would take even longer to do that with the PS VR2 as you would have to start from scratch to get the video output right, make the controllers compatible, and get the tracking to work, which will be a difficult task as a SLAM tracker isn’t available for Windows.

Sony has already made it clear that you will need a PS5 for PS VR2, as the headset was designed specifically with the console in mind. Its games also won’t be backward compatible with the original PS VR, which means if you don't have a PS5 right now, you'll need to shell out around $1,000 to have the next-gen VR experience.

In other news, D&D Beyond's highest tier is apparently going to cost players $30 per month, per player.

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