PS Plus November 2019: Your best freebie this month isn’t even a free game

PS4 owners are used to getting regular freebies to download for the console.

Occasionally PS4 owners can get something for free no strings attached, but more than often or not, these free game giveaways are tied to the consoles PlayStation Plus service.

Which is as good as free. Yes, it's a subscription, but that's to pay for your online access and multiplayer nonsense. All those free games more than makeup for the measly annual sub.

For November, Players can pick up another two free games, in the form of Nioh and Outlast 2, a saving of £40.98 on their own (more on them further down).

But to be honest, the best freebie PlayStation are giving away in November isn't tied to PS Plus, in fact, it's not even a free game.

And it's something most PlayStation owners might have completely ignored up until now.

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That freebie we're referring to is, of course, related to Death Stranding, the big PS4 release this month.

Which releases tonight when the clock strikes midnight and the dates change to November 8th 2019.

Following many previews and reviews these past few weeks fans will no doubt be aware of the games unique quasi-multiplayer features.

Namely, a shared world environment with mechanics that allow you to share resources and build structures to help fellow players in their own adventure with Norman Reedus.

This includes being able to leave ladders to help others traverse environments and complete some of the quests for others to gain likes.

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Whichever way you dice it, the game does have a fairly robust multiplayer element to it. One you can choose to ignore, but it exists.

Thankfully though, the game won't require you to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to enjoy these elements. It's all part of the game and free to all those who buy the game.

To borrow a phrase from our favourite Fast Show character, "which is nice" for anyone picking up the game.

We doubt that will be the clincher to anyone still on the fence about buying the game, but if you're interested to know what we thought of Hideo Kojima's latest outing, you can read out full Death Stranding review on the link.

Alternatively, there's our summary just below if you want the brass tacks.

Death Stranding Review – 5/5

Reviewed on PS4 Pro

Death Stranding is the most unique big-budget game I’ve ever played, a socially-minded injection of inventive ideas into a genre that has long survived by being lazy and brutish. This ambitious formula-flipper is brimming with empathy and carefully courts cinematic influences, an ensemble cast and a world of eye-watering scale, delivering a sticky gameplay loop to tie it all together and create a console generation-defining experience.

All of this is complemented by an epic narrative and a meticulously melancholy world that carefully reflects the endangered society we live in, somehow using the surreal and imaginative elements debuted in trailers to deliver impactful truths and commentary about our divided world. Once more Kojima has proven himself as a brave game maker with boundary-probing ideas that will advance and influence the space for years to come.

The Good

  • A rich understanding of cinematic principles and a stellar cast results in a nuanced, affecting narrative
  • The gorgeous, oppressive world balances heavy gloom and hope to leave a lasting impression
  • A remarkable body of music soundtracks a series of tear-jerking moments, with emotion layered carefully into the sticky gameplay loop
  • Best in class graphics thanks to the stunning detail afforded by the Decima engine

The Bad

  • I’ve played it all and I’m desperate for more

PlayStation Plus November 2019 – What Are The Free Games?

In the month of November, PlayStation Plus subscribers can download two cracking games, including Nioh and Outlast 2.

The former has a very respectable 88 rating on Metacritic , with Edge Magazine previously saying "This is a game that takes the foundations of one of the most intoxicating RPGs around and builds them into a fast, fluid, simply enormous action game as good as anything Team Ninja has ever made."

Outlast 2, on the other hand, has a luke warm score of 68 on Metacritic , with Metro noting, "One of the scariest video games ever made, or at least it is for the first few hours – before it succumbs to wearying repetition and frustratingly unfair set pieces."

A mixed bag them but a month that follows The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19 was always going to be tricky.

You can take a look at the games in the trailer below, but keep reading for more details on each game so you have a good idea of what's in store for you in November.

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