Prime Gaming Members Can Now Claim A Fall Guys Winter Skin And Crowns

A new season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is upon us, and that means it’s time to show off some new duds. Outfits are going to be particularly crucial in Season Three, as you can now sport gold costumes to show off your rank. Suddenly your rank will be on full display for all to see, or your lack thereof when you come into a game without something cool on. Prime Gaming’s latest bundle is here to make you look a little cooler, although it won’t help you git good.

Prime Gaming is part of an Amazon Prime account, and gives members a variety of benefits every month. These range from loot in triple-A and free-to-play games to “free” games for PC. Members should go to the Prime Gaming site to learn how to claim their rewards.

The latest big-ticket item for Prime Gaming is the Fall Guys Winter Warmer Bundle. The collection includes costume pieces to make full cold weather clothing, but the top and bottom can be separated as usual to combine with other sets. Prime Gaming also throwing in three Crowns, so you’re able to buy a little something even if you can’t ever seem to win.

Other notable December loot includes some very colorful helmets for Star Wars: Squadrons, new armor for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and an Exotic drop for Destiny 2.

The included games, meanwhile, include titles that are worth adding to your collection. Both Yooka-Laylee games are up for grabs. Battlefield 3 can be claimed through Origin at no extra cost. And rounding it out is a slew of classic SNK games that are available as part of a limited promotion.

Prime Gaming is an amazing deal when you consider that most people have Amazon Prime already. For no extra cost, you can get a neat skin for Fall Guys and a few crowns. This won’t help you get those golden outfits, but at least you won’t be stuck wearing the played-out Season One or Two stuff. Everyone knows beans are all about fashion.

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