Potion Permit: Fixing The Cable Car Quest Walkthrough

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While the areas of Potion Permit you can access at the beginning of the game are definitely charming enough on their own, there are two more sections of the island that you can see on your map are currently off-limits. They're visible on the map but are covered by fog when you first arrive at the island.

These areas are indeed navigable (and are both home to a catalog of increasingly beneficial resources), but you’ll need to complete quests to unlock them first. The second area is called Glaze Iceberg, and we’re here to help you access this wintry wasteland.

How To Start the Fixing The Cable Car Quest

To begin this quest, you’ll need to have the second portion of the Meadow Range unlocked. If you haven't done this yet, we’ve got a guide for you on how to do it. Additionally, you have to have passed the first chemistry test.

Once both of these prerequisites are taken care of, head to the northernmost section of the East Meadow Range. You can see the area you’re looking for on your map – it’s the path at the top of the area that looks like you’ll be walking into snow.

When you first walk into the area, the game triggers a cutscene with Bubble and Forrest, Moonbury’s resident rangers, where they tell you the cable car has been out of operation for some time, with a cog that won't stop breaking making it too dangerous to continue to fix.

How To Update The Cable Car's Cogs

You’ve got an idea on how to handle this, but you’ll need the help of Opalheart, the elder of the town’s mother-daughter blacksmithing pair. Bubbles and Forrest will let you take the broken cogs for the cable car to her, which sends you on a quest to find Opalheart.

Opalheart will typically be at the Hearts and Sparks Shop, but she does like to wander in her free time. If the shop isn’t open, having your dog track her down is usually the fastest way to find her.

She brings you to the workshop, where she and Runeheart, her daughter, look at the cog and decide a repair is not enough – the mechanism needs to be totally redesigned. Thankfully, Lucke, the boy whose parents own the Farmhouse, is quite the skilled engineering designer when it comes to these kinds of things. If he makes the blueprints for her, she'll fabricate the cogs.

Opalheart gives you the Old Cable Car Blueprints and tasks you with bringing them to Lucke, who's usually at or around the farmhouse but has been known to wander. Finding him and giving him the blueprints brings you to his room at the farmhouse.

Lucke looks the design over, and returns to you some New Cable Car Blueprints. Bring them back to Opalheart for her to consider, and she’s confident she can do it, but not without materials she needs you to find.

They are:

ItemsHow To Get Them
10 Copper NuggetsBreaking whitish rocks in the southern Meadow Range
10 Silver NuggetsBreaking rocks with silver flecks in the southern Meadow Range

Taking these things back to Opalheart will result in her making you the Metal Cogs that you need to get the cable car moving again. Take them back to the cable car area, and another cutscene will trigger with the rangers. Unfortunately, though you've finished with the actual mechanism, the cogs aren't the only things you need.

How To Get The Cable Car Working Afterwards

Your time finding NPCs in town is finished for this quest, but your work toward its end goal certainly isn’t. The cogs are helpful, but you still need some materials to make the car operational. The need to get them triggers when you check the control panel as the Boulder Wall quest.

The items you need to finish the cable car are:

  • 3,000 Gold
  • 675 Wood
  • 525 Rocks

It might be helpful to use the gold you make during this quest to upgrade your tools first. Upgraded tools reduce the amount of stamina the tool expends and also makes them hit enemies even harder. Both these perks will prove extremely helpful to have for the new area ahead.

Once you’ve got all these resources in hand, head back to the cable car and interact with the control panel again. Cough up the resources you’ve found and the wintry world of Glaze Iceberg is yours to explore.

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