Pokimane And Destiny Butt Heads Over InvaderVie’s Comments

InvaderVie sent ripples across Twitch after performing an ill-received monologue about receiving payment from viewers. Essentially, she shamed fans who regularly watch her content without subscribing, accusing them of being dishonest and irresponsible with their money. The clip went viral – and some pretty big names took notice.

Pokimane and xQc were chief among those who reacted negatively towards the accusatory sentiment. The former took to Twitter to express her disgust, calling InvaderVie’s take “shitty” and recommending that she get off the platform. An overwhelming majority of viewers and streamers seemed to agree, but Destiny was not one of them.

The veteran streamer defended InvaderVie by clarifying her original argument and attacked people who were misrepresenting it under the false pretense of virtue.

He claimed that her argument wasn’t that people should subscribe to her, but rather it was that their claims of not being able to (after watching for hours a day) were “bullshit.” Destiny made a solid point, but unfortunately got too abrasive by using the insult “Pokiwhore” and criticizing Pokimane for giving a “dumbf**k, two-cents take.”

Needless to say, this drew a response from Twitch’s biggest female streamer. She viewed his clip and decided to laugh it off, pointing out Destiny’s hypocrisy in the matter. Pokimane also insinuated that he was potentially biased in his defense due to his friendship with InvaderVie.

As nice as it would’ve been to see it end there, Destiny soon found the clip of Pokimane’s response and fired back. He briefly hesitated before stating, “remember when Poki and the rest of the OfflineTV people capitalized on Lily’s misery to get on Twitter and do a bunch of shit-posting?”

At the end of the day, it’s just a bunch of needless mudslinging. It is apparent that both personalities aren’t a fan of the conflict, so hopefully it ends here. Hasan was recently prompted for his opinion, but quickly demonstrated his lack of interest in the matter instead. Even the infamous LSF Redditors who crave drama pointed out that they were ready for something new, describing it as “bland” and the “least spicy… in ages.”

Really, no drama at all is preferable. Nevertheless, society will always be enamored with celebrity gossip. Conflict is inevitable between streamers (to a degree) – but hopefully this one blows over fast.

Sources: Twitter, Twitch, Reddit

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