Pokemon Unite Holowear Leaks, Shows Pikachu With Musical Glasses And Another $40 Skin

Once again, dataminers have dug out some future Pokemon Unite content, and it looks like we're in store for a lot of music-themed loot. The next battle pass will feature "concert" based holowear, turning Lucario into a conductor, and kitting Pikachu out with some pretty cute musical note glasses. Yet unfortunately, we're also in store for yet another skin that costs $40 in aeos gems.

This content will likely feature in season four of the popular MOBA, which is expected to start around December 20 when the third season wraps up. It's pretty obvious from the leaks so far that it heavily centres around music, with more skins likely to be revealed in the coming weeks.

If the prices shown in the datamine are accurate, most of them will be reasonably priced (at least in comparison to others). Pretty much all of the new holowear we see in the screenshots are priced at 400 aeos gems, which translates to around $7.99. This is still a pretty hefty amount when there's no other method of getting the skins, but they're far from the worst offenders.

No, the worst is a new Snorlax skin. Although not highlighted in the datamine, we can see it in the store in one of the screenshots. Chef Snorlax will set you back 2199 gems, which will be at least $39.99 if you don't have any gems leftover from a previous purchase. This isn't likely to go down well with fans at all, following the backlash directed at the game after pulling this twice already. Many had hoped that, as it had not been attempted since, the feedback was being listened to. However, that is clearly not the case.

Pokemon Unite datamines have so far proven accurate, so this content is likely to be added to the game soon – and at these price points. Most recently, these leaks predicted Tsareena's inclusion in the MOBA, as well as the fact that she would be given out for free for a limited time.

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