Pokemon Unite: Best Free Pokemon, Ranked

Pokemon Unite's expanding roster includes some instant favorites Pokemon who found success after small mechanical tweaks. While you may be tempted to spend Aeos Coins on Gardevoir, Buzzswole, or other fan favorites, there are some excellent options amongst the base roster and special event characters available at no cost.

Whether you are new to MOBAs (Massive Online Battle Arena) or you've sunk countless hours into similar games, like Dota 2, Unite has a free Pokemon to suit your expertise. From brick-wall defenders like Snorlax to glass cannons like Cinderace, there are some extremely powerful options for you to choose from. With a little practice and proper team selection, you can dominate the competition even if you haven't purchased a single Pokemon.

10 Snorlax — The Immovable Object

As fans of the series know, there are few things that can budge a Snorlax, especially one that simply doesn't want to move. The same applies to a well-built Snorlax in Unite, as this Defender offers superior HP and tanking capabilities without sacrificing offensive utility.

Snorlax's HP flirts with 10,000 at level 15, adding the cherry on top of exceptional 580 Defense and 440 Special Defense, both of which exceed even Blissey, only slightly losing out in HP. Snorlax's utility with moves like Block or Yawn make him an exceptional flex pick as he can build aggressively to put opponents to sleep, or provide an impenetrable wall for would-be scorers to pierce.

9 Zeraora — Shocking Slashing Speed

Zeraora will probably require the most amount of effort to acquire of any free Pokemon, as you only gain access to the deadly Speedster after winning 32 matches. However, that shouldn't deter you as this Electric-type terror can wreak havoc on many teams.

Depending on your strategy and overall team composition, you can build Zeraora as a hit-and-run guerilla attacker with in-and-out moves, like Volt Switch and Wild Charge, or aim for a more sustained team-fighting build. Discharge would be an excellent choice for the latter as it serves as a source of damage, shielding, and crowd control if you are able to trap some poor Pokemon within its range.

8 Charizard — Just Keep Moving

While Charizard is definitely a late bloomer, his ability to continue moving while attacking makes him a dangerous choice for players who know how to poke for damage without overextending. Charizard functions best when with a partner like Eldegoss, Blastoise, or Blissey as it is easy to be chased, focused, and KO'ed by a melee character if you're alone.

Moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast provide some subtle crowd control and debuffing, which can turn the tide of a team fight before your opponent recognizes what's happening. Gaining a slight advantage in survivability by lowering an opponent's attack via burning them might be the difference between a won Zapdos fight or a team wipe against you.

7 Glaceon — The Icy Assassin

Glaceon's Unite License is received as a reward once the player earns 100 ice shards via the Icy Glaceon Challenge during the First Anniversary Celebration. Whether you choose to build Glaceon for pure damage or prefer to focus on freezing opponents, this Eeveelution will provide a dangerous dimension to any team.

Upon release, Glaceon's moveset was affected by a bug that made one-shot-KO's very easy to execute, adding to the mythology of this powerful ranged attacker. Icicle Spear and Ice Shard provide a deadly combo for Glaceon to easily delete careless opponents who wander into their icy domain.

6 Sylveon — Cone-Shaped Carnage

Anyone who has come up against a Sylveon knows just how terrifying this Pokemon can be when paired with the right partner. Sylveon's Hyper Voice is a powerful attack that can prevent even the fastest Speedsters from escaping, as damage increases the farther a target is from Sylveon.

As if this isn't intimidating enough, Sylveon gains access to Calm Mind at level six, granting it bonuses to both Special stats and movement speed, making escape a more dangerous idea than fighting this adorable monster head-on. At level 12, Calm Mind also provides damage nullification and shielding when hit, solidifying Sylveon as one of the most difficult units to deal with in the game.

5 Cinderace — The Fast Flaming Footballer

Cinderace does more than just unnerve its opponents by kicking a flaming soccer ball around as this master of poke-and-run can chunk down your health from afar with a few basic attacks. Cinderace's critical-hit rate makes auto-attacks dangerous enough, but his Feint move sends them over-the-top as you will restore HP equal to 30 percent of your Attack with your next three basic attacks after use.

Much like Charizard, Cinderace is all about managing expectations and carefully positioning yourself as charging the enemy team will rarely work out for a Pokemon that prefers range. Keep your distance and force opponents to come to you so you can gain an advantage by chipping away their health as they approach. With the right build and proper use of an Eject Button, your opponents will struggle to chase you down without sacrificing time and HP.

4 Lucario — Fighting To The Top

As one of the select Pokemon who doesn't need to waste time evolving, Lucario stands out from the get-go as its powerful early game can snowball into a nightmare for opposing lane Pokemon. Whether you prefer to set the tone in the lane with Lucario or are more adept at sneak attacks from the Jungle, Lucario can accommodate your playstyle with deadly damage.

While you can arguably choose either Bone Rush or Close Combat depending on if you favor burst damage or movement, it is hard to pick against the potency of Extreme Speed. Hitting a target will reset Extreme Speed's cooldown and possibly perform a critical hit if you attack immediately after. If you are skilled enough to land hits on multiple targets, it's possible to chain Extreme Speed almost indefinitely.

3 Greninja — It's All About The Shurikens

Unlike Lucario, Greninja has quite a rough early game until it eventually evolves from Frogadier at level seven, also gaining access to its main burst damage in Water Shuriken. Once you weather the difficult first few minutes, you'll be rewarded with a Pokemon that can burst down even the bulkiest opponents with ease, especially if you stack Attack using an Attack Weight.

While diving into a crowd as Greninja isn't recommended, this slippery frog can escape while confusing and damaging your foes using clones from Double Team. If you prefer invisibility, you can choose Smokescreen, but that is a more niche choice that will require careful strategizing. Take advantage of Greninja's incredible damage and don't be afraid to contribute to team fights if you're hurt — just play your range and you'll be fine.

2 Pikachu — Paralyze And Profit

Pikachu is another great option that maintains excellent viability from early through late game, offering a potent option for beginners and experts alike. If you need help preventing Pokemon from escaping, look no further than Electro Web as this move roots opponents for 1.5 seconds in addition to its solid early game damage.

Pair Electro Ball with Thunderbolt to frustrate your foes with paralysis once you level up to six. Keep an aggressive watch on your opposing lane Pokemon as Pikachu can dictate the entire flow of a game with some well-timed roots, carefully deterring wary opponents who you may have KO'ed early on.

1 Blastoise — The Best Offense Is A Good Defender

As one of the game's most effective Defenders, it's no surprise that the mighty Blastoise stands head-and-shoulders above its competition as a top free unit. Blastoise's incredible bulk takes some time to build as you'll have to play intelligently and patiently until you can evolve at level nine.

Once you reach your full potential, it's time to take over the game as Blastoise outputs plenty of damage while boasting top-tier HP, Defense, and Special Defense. Hydro Pump is probably the most widely-used slot one move, but either Rapid Spin or Surf will serve you well in slot two. If played well, it's feasible to lead your team in both damage done and received as Blastoise won't need to retreat as often as its more fragile teammates.

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