Pokémon Sword And Shield Melony, Ice Gym Leader – How To Beat

If you chose the Shield version of Pokémon Sword And Shield, then the sixth gym leader standing in your way will be the Ice Gym Leader Melony. While she might have a warm personality, she is cold as ice when it comes to battling. You’ll need more than a warm coat and burning desire to snatch this gym badge up for yourself, so let our guide be your personal Pokedex on all the tips and strategies you’ll need to beat the leader of the Ice Gym.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Melony’s Pokemon

As the leader of the ice gym, you should have a general idea of what Pokémon Melony has before the battle even begins. While there’s nothing out of left field you need to watch out for, there are a few specifics and surprises to be aware of before charging in.

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Melony’s first Pokémon is a level 40 Frosmoth. This is a Ice and Bug type with a massive 4x weakness to Fire, and regular weakness to Rock types. It’s main move to watch out for is Icy Wind.

Second up is Darmanitan. Another level 40 Pokémon, Darmanitan is a pure ice type with weaknesses to Rock, Fighting, Steel, and Fire. However, this Pokémon has a hidden ability called Zen Mode that will trigger when it falls below 50% HP. Once this happens Darmanitan becomes a Fire type and gets a massive power boost, especially against Rock types.

Melony’s third choice is the level 41 Eiscue, another pure Ice type. This is a more traditional fight, having the same weaknesses as the normal form of Darmanitan.

Finally, Melony’s anchor is her level 42 Lapras. This Water and Ice type will be your biggest challenge in the fight, but can be countered nicely with a strong Electric type. Max Geyser is a particularly powerful move you’ll want to mitigate on this final round.

Pokémon Sword And Shield Melony Tactics

Because Melony’s Pokémon are not all pure Ice, with one even switching to Fire, you should have a nice backup counters for each situation. While it may be tempting to only bring out your best Fire types, that may end up coming back to bite you once you reach her Lapras.

A strong lineup would include a Fire type such as Cinderace, Vulpix, or Growlithe, a Fighting type such as Gurdurr or Falinks, an Electric type such as Manectric or Toxtricity, and perhaps a Steel type like Perrserker or Exadrill.

Whichever Pokémon you build your team with, make sure they’re all properly levelled. Melony’s team will all be in the low 40’s, so try to have your team at least match that level before challenging her.

Finally, stock up on items to heal status effects, specifically freezing, in addition to your normal healing items. Freezing is an incredibly annoying status to deal with, so keep your team in top shape with plenty of Ice Heals.

Pokémon Sword And Shield – Melony Facts

Melony is the Ice type gym leader of Circhester in Pokémon Shield, however in the Sword version of the game it is her son, Gordie, who runs the gym with his Rock type team. Aside from Gordie she also has three other sons and one daughter, whose names we never learn. She’s reportedly a very strict trainer when it comes to her Pokémon, despite being a very kind and caring person normally. A fun fact is that the number on her uniform, 361, can be pronounced as “Sa-mu-i” in Japanese, which also means cold.

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