Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Murkrow Among Top Picks In Competitive Battles

If you've been playing competitively in Scarlet & Violet, you may have noticed a lot of trainers have been using Murkrow. An odd Pokemon to include in your party for competitive play at all, let alone allow to lead you into battle. However, despite the gen two Pokemon's pretty terrible stats, there are a handful of very good reasons it is being selected for competitive battles so often.

As highlighted by hopcatsmash on TikTok (thanks, GamesRadar), Murkrow is currently the second most popular Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet's competitive play. The leading reason for that is Murkrow's hidden ability, Prankster. Prankster allows Murkrow to use all of its non-damaging moves first. That means when Murkrow eventually does attack, the damage it does is heightened quite a bit.

Murkrow isn't only helping itself via Prankster, though. It has a number of support moves that aid the rest of the team, and that's where it becomes really useful and perhaps earns its spot as the second most-selected Pokemon in competitive play right now. Tailwind tops the bill when it comes to the most useful moves in Murkrow's arsenal, doubling the speed stat of every other Pokemon in its party.

But wait, there's more. Murkrow can also use Haze, a move that resets all stat changes across both parties of Pokemon, and Foul Play which uses the opposing Pokemon's attack stat against them. An instance in which someone who has used one of the more obvious Pokemon for battle, like Dragonite, may well have the tables turned against them by what appears to be little more than a harmless crow on the surface.

Murkrow certainly isn't the first unsuspecting Pokemon to have a spotlight shone on it for competitive purposes since Scarlet & Violet launched. Flamigo has been the chosen Pokemon for speedrunning the games, and Azumarill has been spotlighted as the perfect Pokemon to take down Charizard in its Tera raids.

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