Pokemon Leak Claims Scarlet & Violet Will Introduce Six And Seven-Star Raids

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet arrives on Nintendo Switch November 18. Pokemon has revealed a lot of information about the games already, but other details continue to be leaked. That includes the claim Scarlet & Violet will introduce six and seven-star raids, something yet to be officially confirmed by Pokemon or Game Freak.

The reveal that Scarlet & Violet might feature higher-tiered raids comes via Centro Leaks. Responsible for revealing a lot of accurate information about the new games ahead of time, giving trainers reason to believe this latest tidbit is also true. Raids have been a key mechanic in various Pokemon games, maxing out at five stars in Sword & Shield.

The level of the Pokemon you're faced with in Sword & Shield's raids is determined by its star level. A five-star raid will task you with battling and defeating a Pokemon between levels 55 and 60. Raids tend to be a post-game activity, which means most of your party Pokemon will be above level 60 by the time you try them. Still challenging, but news that Scarlet & Violet will take them to the next level will likely be welcomed by many.

The leak doesn't break down exactly how the potential new tiers will work but does shed some light on what to expect from seven-star raids. Paradox Pokemon, another new mechanic rumored to be coming to Scarlet & Violet, will appear in them, as well as other Pokemon at level 100. Needless to say, even with a maxed-out party of Pokemon, if seven-star raids are real, they will be very difficult to beat.

While you wait for official confirmation regarding tougher raids, and the games themselves, there is plenty of official news about the upcoming titles to catch up on. Pokemon has teased the introduction of a new breeding mechanic and continues to show off more of gen nine's new additions. The latest was Farigiraf, an evolved form of Girafarig that will make its Pokemon debut when Scarlet & Violet launch next month.

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