Pokemon Go Fan Creates Physical PokeStop That Gives Away Gifts

If you can cast your minds back to much simpler, happier time of 2016, one of the big goals of Pokemon Go was to get people out and about. It massively succeeded in doing that, but one pandemic later and people are understandably much more wary about mingling in large groups. There is one group of fans still trying to keep the spirit of Pokemon Go alive though, by creating their own physical PokeStop that gives out real gifts to people who visit.

The creator of the PokeStop, RealCaptainSteel, shared a video on the Pokemon Go subreddit showing the machine in action, having gathered a number of people eager to receive their gifts. The video shows someone going up to the PokeStop and pushing a bright blue button which brings a small package out of the contraption. The little present is even modelled after an in-game Virtual Present and contained what appeared to be a miniature crocheted Roggenrola, the focus of the last Pokemon Go community day.

In the Reddit thread beneath the video, RealCaptainSteel goes into more details about the PokeStop. They and their creation is situated in a small town called Kitchener in Ontario, Canada, but they hope that they'll be able to take their PokeStop on tour across North America. For now, RealCaptainSteel plans on taking their PokeStop out during Community Days, starting with an outing to Waterloo Park when Litwick Community Day rolls around next month.

In other Pokemon Go-related news, developer Niantic is still looking for another smash hit and is hoping Marvel is the franchise that will provide it. The developer recently announced a new mobile game during the Disney + Marvel Games Showcase called World of Heroes that tasks players with walking through their community and stamping out crime. Players will be able to customise their own heroes and origin stories, and will also be able to team up with already established heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America.

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