Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes ‘confirmed’ for November claim rumours

This year’s big new Pokémon game will be a remake of the Sinnoh era DS titles, which rumours suggest will not be like Pokémon: Let’s Go.

With the Pokémon 25th anniversary celebrations about to begin, and a release date given to New Pokémon Snap, speculation has already been rife on whether this year will see the release of a new remake.

The Pokémon Company always tries to have a big new game out at Christmas and when that’s not a new mainline entry it tends to be a remake, so many fans have already guessed this year might see a return for 2006’s Diamond and Pearl – since it’s next in line in the series.

Spanish fan site Centro Pokémon though, claims to have sources that have confirmed the news and who say that the remakes will be announced during 25th anniversary celebrations in February.

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