Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How To Get Every Type Of Poke Ball

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are full of useful items that can aid you on your Pokemon journey, and Poke Balls are one of the most essential. There are more than a dozen Poke Balls in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, so you can find one for almost any situation.

With so many types of Poke Balls, there are also lots of methods to find them. You can buy Poke Balls from shops; however, some types of Poke Balls are only available in unique situations. Each type of Poke Ball also features a unique appearance. Here is every type of Poke Ball you can use in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and how to get them.

Every Poke Ball And What It Does

TypeDesignInformationPriceObtained by
Poke BallPoke Balls have a standard catch rate, and they don't have any special effects.200Poke Marts
Great BallGreat Balls have a 50 percent higher chance to catch a Pokemon than a Poke Ball.600Poke Marts (after earning three gym badges)
Ultra BallUltra Balls are twice as likely to catch a Pokemon than a Poke Ball.1,200Poke Marts (after earning five gym badges)
Premier BallPremier Balls have the same chance to catch a Pokemon as a regular Poke Ball; however, they have a unique appearance.You get one Premier Ball when you buy ten of any type of Poke Balls at a Poke Mart.
Master BallThe Master Ball has a 100 percent chance to catch any Pokemon you encounter, including Legendary Pokemon.The only way to get a Master Ball is by speaking to Cyrus inside the Team Galactic Headquarters during the main storyline, however, you have to earn seven gym badges before this interaction can occur. Cyrus only gives you one Master Ball.
Net BallWhen you throw a Net Ball at a Water-type or Bug-type Pokemon, you are three times more likely to catch it than with a regular Poke Ball.1,000Poke Mart in Oreburgh City.
Dusk BallWith the Dusk Ball, you are four times more likely to catch Pokemon in dark areas or during the night. 1,000Oreburgh City and Solaceon Town Poke Marts.
Quick BallQuick Balls have a higher catch rate the quicker you throw it at the start of a wild encounter.1,000Canalave City Poke Mart.
Nest BallNest Balls have a better chance of catching low-level Pokemon.1,000Solaceon Town Poke Mart.
Timer BallTimer Balls are useful for catching Legendary Pokemon and other hard-to-catch creatures because the catch rate increases every time ten turns pass in a battle.1,000Canalave City Poke Mart.
Repeat BallIf you use a Repeat Ball, you are three times more likely to catch a Pokemon you've already caught in the past. Although Repeat Balls aren't worth using on most Legendary Pokemon, there are many times where you may need to catch a second creature of the same type, such as if it has two evolutions.1,000Canalave City Poke Mart.
Luxury BallThe Luxury Ball doesn't make it easier to catch a Pokemon; instead, it increases the Pokemon's happiness as soon as you catch it.1,000From the merchant in Ramanas Park.
Heal BallWhen you catch a Pokemon with a Heal Ball, it fully heals the Pokemon's HP and eliminates any status condition.1,000Oreburgh City Poke Mart.
Dive BallThe Dive Ball is primarily useful for catching Pokemon that live underwater because it's over three times more likely to catch Pokemon that live in the water.The Pokemon News Press in Solaceon Town can give you Dive Balls as a reward for completing tasks.
Safari BallYou can use Safari Balls to catch Pokemon you find in The Great Marsh, and this ball has a 50 percent better chance of catching a Pokemon than a regular Poke Ball.The Safari Ball is exclusive to The Great Marsh in Sinnoh, which is a unique area where you can catch Pokemon that are rare in other parts of the region.

Pre-Order Exclusive Poke Balls

There were many pre-order bonuses available for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, depending on the retailer at which you bought the game. One of the most common pre-order bonuses were special types of Poke Balls and for some of the balls, pre-ordering Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is the only way you could receive them.

The Poke Balls that you can currently only obtain if you pre-order Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl include Level Balls, Heavy Balls, Fast Balls, Moon Balls, Friend Balls, Love Balls, and Lure Balls.

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