Platform Fighter Rivals Of Aether 2 Announced For 2024 Release

Rivals of Aether 2 has been announced for a 2024 release.

Although most April Fool's Day announcements tend to be a joke, there was one that ended up being real – Rivals of Aether 2. During this year's Rivals direct, which takes place on April Fool's Day every year but still features real announcements, Aether Studios confirmed that Rivals of Aether 2 is a real thing and that it'll be arriving sometime in 2024.

The reveal trailer showed off the new 3D graphics, an evolution of the pixel art that was used in the original game. We get to see series mainstays Ranno and Zetterburn fighting on a temple stage, before returning character Wrastor shows up for a fight set on an airship. Some of the key additions to the sequel should be familiar to Smash fans as there are now shields, grabs, and ledges, things that weren't present in the original.

The sad news is that Rivals of Aether 2 won't be available until 2024. Aether Studios answered some key questions about the game on its website, including one regarding the late release date, saying, "Please understand! Our team is small but our ambitions are high! We aim to compete against the best games on the market. There is a lot that we want to build to make Rivals 2 the best fighting game that it can be and it’s going to take time."

Although the original Rivals of Aether is only available on Steam and Switch, there's a chance that the sequel will come to more consoles, as one answer to a question says, "We don’t have platforms to share yet but we want to release it on as many platforms as we can". Single-player also seems like a bigger focus this time, "We’re not going to stop at just better single-player than Rivals of Aether. We have single player designs that would offer new experiences for the fighting game genre as a whole. While competitive play will take a priority for us during the game’s development, we are laying the foundation to create some amazing single-player experiences that will help convert newcomers into hardcore competitors."

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