Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle For Neigborville reveal trailer leaks early

It looks like EA’s secret new shooter is Garden Warfare 3 in all but name, as a slightly unfinished version of its trailer leaks.

EA’s new Plants Vs. Zombies online shooter has been leaked yet again, confirming what everyone has always suspected about it being a new Garden Warfare.

It’s actually quite interesting seeing the unfinished version of the trailer, which occasionally switches to hand drawn sketches and gives an insight into how the video was created.

More important though is the fact that it seems to confirm that this is Garden Warfare 3 in all but name, as has long been suspected.

Previous rumours had suggested that the game might be a battle royale but while that’s still not impossible there’s nothing in the trailer that implies it.

Instead it looks to be similar to the previous Garden Warfare games which, despite the cartoony visuals, were fun and original multiplayer shooters.

They’re not to be confused with the regular Plants Vs. Zombies games which are mobile-based Tower Defense games, with Plants Vs. Zombies 3 also currently being playtested by fans.

Why they changed they name is a mystery, especially as the new one is so much worse, but the main questions now are when the game is going to be officially announced and when it’s due out.

An alpha test is currently going on but while it’s known that EA will be unveiling the new Need For Speed at Gamescom next week there’s been no such confirmation for Plants Vs. Zombies.

Although if EA were unsure about what to do the fact that this trailer has been leaked may force their hand.

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