Phil Spencer’s Already Playing With Xbox Scarlett

By this time next year, Project Scarlett will likely be available to Xbox fans everywhere. However, it appears that Microsoft’s gaming executive vice president Phil Spencer has already got his hands on a unit ahead of its 2020 release.

In a tweet, Spencer indicated that Project Scarlett is currently his system of choice now that it’s in his home. Spencer’s Project is now his “primary console” and he is apparently using it with the Elite Series 2 controller. He concludes the tweet by declaring his confidence in the team developing Project Scarlett.

Many will likely be ecstatic to hear of Project Scarlett’s progress. Recently, Spencer had stated that Microsoft will not replicate its Xbox One launch mistakes with Project Scarlett. Specifically, Spencer had noted that despite the Xbox One being less powerful than the PlayStation 4 at its launch in 2013, it had exceeded the PS4’s price by about one hundred dollars.

However, Spencer seems confident that Project Scarlett can avoid Microsoft’s pitfalls with the Xbox One. While there’s still no stated pricepoint for Project Scarlett, it can be assumed that it will be comparable to that of the PlayStation 5, whose dev kit had recently leaked.

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Project Scarlett will apparently be backward compatible with Xbox One games and will be launched alongside Halo: Infinite. However, a specific release date and price have yet to be revealed.

Some believe that Sony will lose the next console war with the PlayStation 5 due to Microsoft’s more lenient views when it comes to things like game streaming and crossplay. While Microsoft is more open to crossplay, as seen with Microsoft’s inclusion of crossplay on the Xbox One iteration of Fortnite, Sony is seemingly less lenient.

The only issue with Microsoft’s next-generation is its view on VR. According to Spencer, no one is asking for VR and this is why Microsoft is not focusing on it. Meanwhile, the PS5 may be getting a VR peripheral.

Project Scarlett will be released during the 2020 holiday season.

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