Persona 5 Strikers: Kyoto Jail Walkthrough

In Persona 5 Strikers, Kyoto Jail is arguably the most annoying location to navigate as it is full of portals that make you appear in completely different areas on the map. This can be frustrating when you’re trying to find your way to your next objective.

When it comes to navigating Kyoto Jail, especially in the more frustrating moment of having to find all prayer locations to get to the Mother Fox Statue, we’ve got every step of the way covered right here with helpful images to show you exactly where you need to go. After the initial cutscene in Kyoto Jail with the full team, you’ll later re-enter with Oracle and Zenkichi.

Zenkichi’s Stealth Mission

Your first real journey to Kyoto Jail has you step into Zenkichi’s shoes. As a non-persona user, he can’t battle the shadows and so you have to help him move from one hiding spot to the other without being seen in order to reach the location marked on the map. This part is pretty straightforward, and once you reach the quest objective another cutscene will play.

Inari Taisha Walkthrough

Once the Phantom Thieves have regrouped, you will need to re-enter Kyoto Jail and this is where the real fun begins as you will have to deal with the portal system. You’ll find yourself in the beginning area where you last entered with Zenkichi. Continue the path you took last time and continue heading forward, taking out any shadows as necessary, until you reach the Fox Couple checkpoint.

Head west from the Fox Couple statue towards the quest marker, and you will eavesdrop on some shadows discussing the location of the Father Fox Shrine. After some conversation with your teammates, head towards your right where there are some murmurs coming through a building wall and listen in to find out the Father Fox Shrine is in the northeast of the complex.

The quest marker will take you back the way you came, so follow it to the far east of the map and then north. However, as soon as you try and enter the marked location, you will be spirited away by a portal.

In this new area, on your left is some more murmuring, so eavesdrop on this new conversation to find out you are in the Path of Harmony, which leads to Parental Square. Grab the chest that is opposite where you listened in on the conversation, then take the southern path, as shown below, through yet another portal.

Grab the chest immediately in front of you, then continue into Parental Square and take out the shadows there, before taking the most southern path portal, as shown below.

You’re now back on the eastern side of the map. Take the first left and head past the Fox Couple statue, continuing directly west back towards the Daughter Fox Shrine where you first eavesdropped on the shadows. Take the southern path first through a portal to grab a chest. Then head back through the portal and take the western path from the Daughter Fox Shrine, as shown below.

In this new area, there’s yet more whispering to eavesdrop on. You’ll discover you are in the Path of Fortune, which leads to the Father Fox Shrine. Continue east through the next portal. You’ll see a brief scene where some shadows are talking about a cat and the Ancient Lord, then follow the path forwards into another portal.

In this new area, there’s more eavesdropping to be done, so listen in on the shadows here. You will discover that Parting Square is the area that leads to the Father Fox Shrine. Head east from here into the next portal.

Grab the Parting Square checkpoint before taking on the Shadow on your left, which is the Ancient Lord mini-boss that the shadows were discussing earlier, who is weak to Wind and Nuclear damage. Defeat them and then take the path towards the east that they had been guarding through a portal with “meows” coming out of it.

You have arrived at the Father Fox Shrine, but as you approach you will have a new mini-boss to defeat. Defeat the Calamitous Cat God mini-boss, who is weak to Wind and will also summon adds to the fight. Afterward, your team will notice that the eyes on the Father Fox statue have begun to shine.

Head south back out of the area, and then eavesdrop on the location just to the left of you. You will find out that to reach the Mother Fox Statue, the clue is “Couple, Harmony, Parental, Daughter, Fortune. Don’t forget to say your prayers!”. After you’re done eavesdropping, use the checkpoint located here to travel back to the Fox Couple statue and examine it.

You’ll notice that the eyes on the Father Fox Statue here are also shining and deduce that you need to activate the Mother Fox Shrine too. In order to do that, you need to pray at all of the clue locations in order. You will begin at the Fox Couple statue, so offer your prayers there first.

Afterward, head east to the intersection and go into the northern portal, as shown on the map below.

This will teleport you to the Path of Harmony, which is your next prayer location. Offer up your prayers at the Harmony Shrine.

After praying, take the southern path from this area, as shown in the map below.

This will take to you to the Parental Shrine area, so you can offer up your next prayers.

There might be some shadows to defeat in this area, so just take them out. After praying, follow the path through this area and take the southern exit, as shown below.

This will take you back to the eastern area of the map, so just take the first left and head back towards the Fox Couple Statue. Pass them and continue west to find the Daughter Fox Shrine, as shown below.

There will likely be some shadows here, so take them out and then pray at the Daughter Fox Shrine.

Take the western path from the Daughter Fox Shrine, as shown below, and you will reach the Path of Fortune.

Say your prayers at the Fortune Shrine and a portal will open directly in front of you afterward.

Head into the portal to find the Mother Fox Shrine, and once again, when you attempt to approach the statue a shadow will appear. Defeat this Monk of the Valley mini-boss, who is weak to Gunfire and Ice. He will summon some adds to help him in the battle also.

Now the eyes on the Mother Fox Statue will be shining too. Head south to leave this area and then take the path towards the east to reach the Daughter Fox Shrine, as shown below.

From the Fox Daughter Shrine, just head east towards the Fox Couple Statue and you will find that the statues will move to create a new path, so head forwards into this newly-created portal. In the next area, grab the chest on your right before you continue onwards towards your final goal. Have fun defeating the final boss of this Jail!

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