Persona 5 Strikers: How To Beat The Sendai Jail Boss

The Phantom Thieves have hit the road in Persona 5 Strikers and their second stop is the city of Sendai. Of course, this isn’t just a holiday destination as the Thieves are there on business tackling yet another Jail. This second location is the same as the first Jail you encountered, as Sendai also has its own Monarch that needs to be defeated.

The Monarch boss of this dungeon is Ango Natsume, and the difficulty spike since your last Monarch is rather noticeable as Ango is a lot more powerful. However, if you use the right mechanics, this fight will be a breeze, and we’ve got everything you need to know about defeating Ango right here.

Nightmare Dragon Ango

Affinities And Weaknesses:

  • Physical —
  • Gun —
  • Fire — Nul
  • Ice — Wk
  • Electric — Str
  • Wind — Str
  • Psy — 
  • Nuclear — Nul
  • Bless — Wk
  • Curse — Nul
  • Almighty —

Stock up on medicine items before the battle, ideally covering HP and SP recovery items, a couple of Revive items as a backup, and something to remove the Burn status ailment. Make sure your party is prepped to take on Ango, so don’t bother taking Panther, Skull, Mona, or Makoto — their moves won’t work well against him. Focus on Ango’s weaknesses and take Fox and Sophie with you. Sophie also doubles as a good healer. You should take Haru as your fourth party member.

Make sure that you have some decent Personas for Joker that are Bless and/or Ice-based, and make sure you have at least one Persona set aside for healing too, so you can help your party members out when they find themselves in a tough spot.

Ango will buff himself throughout the fight, so try and mitigate this by nullifying them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to buff your own party too. There are a couple of items in the arena that you can use for Phantom Dash moves. Use the Sword Monuments whenever Ango takes flight to bring him crashing back down, and use the Ice blocks whenever Ango is close by to hit his weakness. Using these ice blocks will often inflict Freeze on him too, so follow up with a Physical move to get a Technical hit.

Dodge Ango’s attacks as often as you can and watch out for any status ailments that he might inflict, such as Burn or Dizzy. Having Haru in your party helps with this as she knows Amrita Drop. It’s best to try and tackle Ango from behind to stay out of range of his physical attacks. A well-timed jump in the air can easily avoid his tail sweep move. Once Ango’s health falls below 50%, his armor will start to fall off and he will become more vulnerable, however, he’ll also start spamming physical attacks more often.

Use Baton Pass often to switch between your characters and use Show Time whenever possible for each character. Make sure that Joker has an Ice or Bless-based Persona equipped when you use it with him.

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