Persona 5 Strikers: Every New Thing We Learned About Morgana

The Phantom Thieves are back! Following Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal’s massive success, Atlus has released a direct sequel to the base game named Persona 5 Strikers. Several months after the previous entries, the team reconvenes for a road trip throughout Japan.

With this time period to explore, and more screen time for each Phantom Thief, it’s unsurprising that fans get to learn more about their favorite characters. This includes the team mascot, Morgana. Players will learn plenty more about this feline in the 40-hour campaign. Check out these new facts about Mona of the Phantom Thieves.

10 Morgana Relays Messages Through Joker

When Persona 5 Strikers begins, the team is conversing in the Phantom Thieves group chat. Because Morgana is a feline, he has Joker respond in his place.

Morgana’s lack of hands would surely make typing on a smartphone difficult, so it’s nice to see Joker take the initiative to aid his friend.

9 He’s Been Living With Joker

At the end of Persona 5, Morgana decides to accompany Joker on his trip home. Since the base game’s end, Morgana’s been enjoying an uneventful life in Joker’s quiet town. The two keep each other company, and because of their time in the Metaverse, only Joker can understand what Morgana is saying.

Having a friend that no one else can hear has undoubtedly lead to Joker getting a few odd looks, but the pair seem to be very happy together.

8 He Still Thinks He Calls The Shots

One of the most comical aspects of Morgana’s character was his oblivious nature. He often sees himself as the leader of this band of misfits, when in reality, he’s the court jester. Most of the time, the team looks to him for a good laugh or a quick pet. He’s comedic, silly, and cute; all qualities of a mascot.

Morgana may not be the leader, but he’s an integral part of the team’s success on missions. His instincts in the Metaverse help the team navigate through the Jails, though he’s not as reliable in these new structures…

7 Morgana Doesn’t Understand Jails.

Unlike in Palaces, where Morgana’s instincts guided the team to treasures and through facilities, Morgana is just as perplexed by the Jails as the rest of the team.

Jails are far different than other Metaverse structures. They don’t disappear when Monarchs disappear, and they’ve got several cores that protect the ruler. Couple this with the fact that Monarchs take others’ treasures en masse, and you’ve got a conundrum that even Morgana won’t understand on his own. Thankfully, this time, he’s got help.

6 Mona and Sophie Work Together To Navigate Jails

In Persona 5 Strikers, the new party member, Sophia, has senses that help the team navigate the Jails they visit. She and Morgana can decipher the mystery of Jail navigation when they work together.

Neither party fully understands the Metaverse structures, but they’re able to lead the team through these strange areas. Without this reconnaissance tag team, the Phantom Thieves wouldn’t be able to complete the Jails, so it’s a good thing that Morgana and Sophia are in tow.

5 Morgana’s A Bit Too Chatty In The Real World

The Phantom Thieves may understand Morgana in the real world, but only those who have heard his voice in the Metaverse recognize his meows as speech. This includes the team he works with and a few others.

The vast majority of humans hear a meowing cat when he’s talking. Because he’s got the appearance of a cat, he’s often barred from entering eating and entertainment establishments.

As someone that the team often has to sneak it, you’d think he’d want to keep quiet to avoid detection. This isn’t the case with Morgana; he often tries to hold conversations with the other team members, yelling loud enough for others to notice.

4 He Still Hates Being Called A Cat

Those looking to make Morgana mad need only call him a cat. There’s nothing he hates more. While he resembles a cat in the real world, Morgana is actually Igor’s creation sent to aid the Phantom Thieves on their adventures into the Metaverse.

While he technically isn’t a cat, it’s the closest thing that the Phantom Thieves can relate him to, so they often call him this in jest. It’s one joke this feline Phantom Thief doesn’t enjoy, and he’ll often retaliate with an insult of his own. He’s not a cat, at least in his eyes.

3 Morgana Hates The Cold

When the Phantom Thieves enter the game’s third jail, EMMA thrusts them into a tundra. Most of the team dislikes the cold, but Sophia and Morgana take the temperature change especially hard.

With wide eyes and frozen bodies, these two team members shiver and shake when they speak. It’s an interesting tidbit to know about this persona-wielding feline.

2 This Phantom Thief Hates Water

Morgana dislikes more than just the cold; he also can’t stand water. When the team heads to a hot spring, almost the entire team is excited to enjoy the warm water and soak their aches away. Everyone besides Morgana.

This Phantom Thief prefers to clean himself and stay dry. He does accompany the boys out to the bath but rests on the rocks while they enjoy the relaxation. Because Morgana is a feline, it’s unsurprising that he dislikes water so much.

1 Morgana Still Loves Ann

Those who played Persona 5 will know that Morgana is madly in love with Ann Takamaki. From the moment he sees her, he’s awestruck by her beauty, often dreaming of winning her heart.

This is just as true in Strikers as it was then. The months they have spent apart haven’t diminished his love for his fellow Phantom Thief. Though she’s ignored his advances repeatedly, Morgana still holds out hope that Ann will look his way someday (though we’re sure she won’t.)

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