Persona 5 Royal: How To Romance Ann

Persona 5 Royal is one of the most successful and expansive Japanese role-playing games of the past generation. With over 100 hours of content on a regular playthrough, the content can be a bit overwhelming to explore. For those looking to pursue a romantic relationship with their favorite ladies, it can be hard to find out where to start.

Ann Takamaki is one of the romance options in Persona 5 Royal. While she starts off as a stranger, those who put the time into getting to know her can build a lasting relationship with her. With the right tips, any Persona player can sweep this lovely lady off her feet.

Progress Through The Castle Of Lust

To pursue a romantic relationship with Ann, players will have to make their way into the Castle of Lust. This is the first major dungeon in the game and the areas where the first four playable characters convene.

Ann is the final of the first four to join the party. Until Ann receives her persona, her social link will remain locked. There’s no need to worry about missing out on valuable link progression. She will join at a certain point in the early game. On April 15th the social link will automatically unlock via a conversation with Ann.

Reach Level 2 Kindness

While the first rank of Ann’s social link is automatic, further progression requires improved Kindness. All social stats start at level one and Joker will have to take part in optional activities to boost their levels.

For those looking to upgrade Kindness, working at the flower shop in the Underground Mall, reading books that focus on the kindness stat, and feeding the plant in Joker’s room are all efficient ways to improve. While reading books and working will cause the time to pass, feeding the plant will not. Take advantage of this by ensuring Joker always has nutrients stocked. Grab some nutrients in the Underground Mall or Red Light District’s Flower Shops.

Finish Palaces ASAP To Maximize Free Time

Each Palace in Persona 5 Royal gives Joker and his party a limited number of days to defeat the dungeon bosses. Failing to do so will result in a Game Over. Players should always prioritize the main mission, but the beauty of Persona ensures that the dungeons can be tackled at the player’s pace once the first four members have united.

Once palaces are completed and the final boss has been beaten, the rest of the days leading up to the deadline grant free time for activities. Take the chance to storm through the Castle of Lust so that Joker can utilize time to improve social stats and earn money.

Check The Map Each Day For Ann

On days where Joker spends time outside of the Metaverse, he’ll have a handful of tasks to choose from. Most days confidants are in designated spots around the map. On days that confidants are available, a blue tarot card will highlight the area they can be found. Ann resides in the Underground Mall section of Shibuya. Make sure to visit her during the day.

Pick Up A Gift For Ann

While spending time with Ann will boost Joker’s relationship with her, it isn’t the only way. Joker can also give Ann several gifts that will earn him favor with his party member. Gifts such as flowers, perfume, and makeup are excellent options for Ann. Some can even get Ann to give a special reaction like the rose bouquet. When visiting shops, make sure to grab potential gifts that align with the aforementioned categories.

Choose Responses Carefully In Social Links

While the responses within the social link may seem inconsequential, they are integral to bonding with Ann. More favorable replies will net Joker increased points toward a bond rank up. Read over the choices and aim to choose supportive and thoughtful replies. Try to avoid more mocking or joking replies in conversation. Remember that kindness is the requirement for her social link and the more supportive Joker is, the better she will respond.

Be Prepared For Longer Ranks

Part of the reason that gifts and correct responses are so important is that later ranks can take several sessions to progress otherwise. Those who randomly choose responses and ignore the opportunity to give gifts will spend several days longer than necessary working towards the end of Ann’s social link. If certain links take longer, don’t fret. Ann’s social link is introduced very early in the game, so it’s fairly easy to max her rank out.

Support Ann On Her Journey

Ann’s social link sees her aiming to better herself as a person and a model. After the tragedy that spurs her into action, she becomes motivated to pursue her modeling hobby in earnest. Joker will serve to hasten her growth with supportive comments and gestures. It’s a heartfelt side-story that sees her battle her insecurities as well as she can.

Choose “You Have Me” In Social Link 9 For Prompt 4

Once players have finally made it to the 9th tier of the social link. Ann will ask Joker why he supports her so fervently. The way players answer the question will dictate how their relationship progresses past this point. In the fourth prompt in this encounter Joker is presented with two options: “You have me” and “You have the others.” choosing “you have the others” will essentially put Ann in the friendzone and prevent any romantic progression. “You have me” on the other hand will lead to an interaction that culminates in a romantic relationship with Ann.

Complete Rank 10 To Finalize Romantic Storyline

Once rank 9 is achieved, players will have to spend one more session with Ann to finish the romance. As with all previous interactions, supportive text options will yield greater rewards. Those who reach the max rank of 10 will see Ann’s persona evolve into a mythological trickster with new abilities and boosted stats. Be aware that once players are in Persona 5 Royal’s new content Ann’s persona can evolve further after a new link option is unveiled.

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