Persona 4 Golden: How To Defeat Shadow Rise

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Rise Kujikawa thought she’d go back to Inaba in Persona 4 Golden to take time away from the pressure of the spotlight but found herself embroiled in a whole new kind of trouble. Stuck into the TV World and desperate for the Investigation Team to save her, you’ll be taking on Rise’s Shadow at the end of the Marukyu Striptease dungeon to do so.

Though she’s a relatively easy fight (as something of a warmup to a second), tougher fight, her skill arsenal is heavy. For tips to help you beat Rise’s Shadow in P4G, follow along with our guide below.

We're focused on helping you with the combat in our boss battle guides, but by nature, they may still contain spoilers for Persona 4 Golden.

Shadow Rise's Stats And Attacks

Recommended Level And Location

Rise’s Shadow is waiting for you on Floor 11 of the Marukyu Striptease dungeon.

This is also where you'll take on Momentary Child, should you choose to return to the Marukyu Striptease dungeon to grind for EXP or items after the initial dungeon crawl is over.

With Rise’s Shadow entering the fight at Lv. 35, we’d recommend you be at least the same, if not higher, before you take her on. You’ll have had ample time to grind for EXP going through the dungeon, so be sure to level as you go through Marukyu Striptease.

There are two parts to your final boss fight in Marukyu Striptease, with the second boss battle being significantly more difficult than Shadow Rise.

The second fight begins as soon as the first ends. Your team will regain their HP and SP automatically, but you will not have time for any leveling in between, so plan accordingly.

Because of this, try to conserve your items in this battle. Your health replenishes automatically between fights, but your items are single use, so decide wisely!

To help you get ready, we’ve got an affinities and weakness table for Rise’s Shadow below, including her truly impressive list of attacks and skills, which cover almost all affinities.

Persona Affinity Table Key




This shadow is strong against this element, and attacks of this element deal less damage.


This shadow is weak against this element, and attacks of this element deal more damage.


This shadow will repel attacks of this element, reversing the damage onto you.


This shadow will nullify attacks of this element, and as such, they deal no damage.


This shadow will gain health from attacks of this element, so attacks of this heal the shadow.

Attacks of this element deal normal damage to the shadow.

Shadow Rise Affinity Chart

Affinities and Weaknesses











Skills and Attacks


Light fire damage to one foe


Light fire damage to all foes


Medium fire damage to one foe


Medium fire damage to all foes


Light ice damage to one foe


Light ice damage to all foes


Medium ice damage to one foe


Medium ice damage to all foes


Light electric damage to one foe


Light electric damage to all foes


Medium electric damage to one foe


Medium electric damage to all foes


Light wind damage to one foe


Light wind damage to all foes


Medium wind damage to one foe


Medium wind damage to all foes

Mind Slice

Medium physical damage to all foes, with a chance to inflict panic

Fire Break

Nullifies a foe's fire resistances for three turns

Ice Break

Nullifies a foe's ice resistances for three turns

Elec Break

Nullifies a foe's electric resistances for three turns

Wind Break

Nullifies a foe's wind resistances for three turns

Spirit Drain

Drains 30 SP from one foe

Supreme Insight

Renders the party unable to hit Shadow Rise for three turns

We know this list looks intense, and it most certainly can be if you're not careful with planning ahead, choosing carefully when to guard and who based on your team's own weak spots.

The good news is that, without any elemental affinities herself, any attack can damage Shadow Rise. There’s no limit to what you can lob at her, so just focus on taking down her HP any way you can.

Shadow Rise Battle Strategy

Thankfully enough, despite how long the list of attacks she knows is, Rise’s Shadow attacks in that order, too. She begins with Agi and goes directly down the list from there with the weakest attack of an element and working through the four she knows to increase her damage output and targets hit, before switching the element of her attack.

As she cycles through her skills, she'll be aiming at whoever is weak to that element if there's someone in battle who is.

The bad news is that anyone weak to that element will likely be hit pretty hard, as she'll continue hammering on whoever is weak to the element she's using. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to know revival skills like Recarm, or have items on hand such as Revival Beads to bring fainted party members back to life.

Keep your eye on where she is in the cycle, and you can be ready for anything.

If Chie is in the boss fight with you, because Shadow Rise begins with fire, have Chie guard for the first four turns while Rise’s Shadow is using fire magic.

Keeping another party member alive is worth the loss of one attack, so plan accordingly.

How To Deal With Panic

After you’ve chipped away roughly a third of Shadow Rise’s HP in the boss fight, she’ll use the attack, Mind Slice.

The physical damage output is annoying, of course, but the real problem with it is its ability to inflict panic to your party members.

When the Investigation Team becomes panicked in battle, there are a number of things that change. The biggest issue is that a panicking party member may attack their own teammates instead of the enemy.

However, when they’re not turning on friendly fire, they can also choose to do nothing on their turn instead of attacking, or even throw yen away.

Additionally, when they do land an attack on the enemy, even if you hit their weak spot, you can’t trigger a One More attack.

Thankfully, you can stop panic in its tracks by using items or spells. Below is a full list of everything that can help remove confusion from your party members.

Items And Spells To Deal With Panic

Cures for Panic in P4G


  • Patra
  • Me Patra
  • Amrita


  • Hiranya

Hiranya cannot be purchased around Inaba. You can find them in treasure chests throughout the game’s dungeons, so be on the lookout.

What To Do When Shadow Rise Uses Supreme Insight

When you’ve depleted two-thirds of her HP, Shadow Rise will begin using a move called Supreme Insight. After she uses this move, she cannot be attacked.

All that’s left to do is burn three turns somehow. Have your party guard to have them pass the time without expending HP/SP, and the battle ends after three turns of Supreme Insight.

The fight against Rise’s Shadow always ends with Supreme Insight.

Even if you deplete her HP beforehand, Shadow Rise will not go down without the obligatory three turns of Supreme Insight.

Hold your own for those three turns, and the battle against Shadow Rise in Persona 4 Golden will end once the third turn of inaction is finished.

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