People Are Building Entire Ports In Valheim

Valheim lets you build a number of different structures, from simple and traditional Viking longhouses to more ornate and complex building projects. Valheim’s construction system allows you to create parts of a building like walls, floors, and roofs, and then assemble it into something grand.

One Reddit user has taken their settlement planning to a whole new level by creating an entire port in Valheim.

Reddit user JT_ tasked themself with building “a longboat and cart-friendly bridge.” You can see that bridge on the left of the posted screencap, which spans an entire river and connects JT’s settlement with the rest of the island. By the river are the docks with room for five Viking longboats of various sizes. The adjacent bridge is tall enough that there’s no danger of a mast striking it as a boat gets underway.

If the rest of JT’s settlement is even half as impressive as their port, I’d expect to see Viking water treatment plants and Viking highways just over that wooden wall.

While some players are using Valheim for urban planning, many others are using it for something almost certainly unintended by Iron Gate Studios. Dubbed the “Viking Space Program,” players have discovered that the abyssal harpoon can launch Vikings into the upper atmosphere under the right circumstances.

Those circumstances mostly involve a specially designed tramway and a gate mechanism to ensure that the Viking-cum astronaut remains on standby until the abyssal harpoon has stored up enough elastic energy to engage a launch countdown. Then it’s off to see Odin for one very lucky Viking. Or very unlucky, depending on how you look at it.

Valheim is turning out to be one of the most successful Early Access games of all time. It’s already past three million copies sold in less than three weeks. Valheim also hit 500,000 concurrent players on Steam, surpassing some of the platform’s biggest games like GTAV and Dota 2.

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