Palworld, The Indie Game That Lets You Shoot Pocket Monsters, Gets A New Gameplay Trailer

Palworld, the upcoming open world survival game from Pocketpair, has dropped a brand new gameplay trailer showing off almost a full minute of what players can get up to within the world of “Pals”, or Pokemon-like creatures that roam the land. Specifically, it shows off how players can capture the unsuspecting creatures, build a cage for them, or just shoot them with a shotgun.

Announced last summer, Palworld is an indie game that combines elements of survival, crafting, and shooters for an unforgettable experience. It features Pals that players can pit against one another, sell, force into factories to work, or just blast away at with a gun. The first trailer for the title seemed relatively calm at first before descending into chaos. It showed players bonding with their Pals, working together to farm, and building a home. Then the game took a turn as it also showcased Pals being forced to build guns in factories like slaves or being nonchalantly used as a shield and then thrown away.

Now, this new gameplay trailer leans more into the chaos that this world lets you get up to. It starts off with the player capturing a sheep-looking Pal into a glowing blue ball. It feels very Pokemon-esque at first. The player then builds a containment cube that several Pals of varying shapes and sizes are stuffed into. Then the violence begins, as it cuts to the player sneaking up to a reindeer-like Pal with a bow. As they get close, they release an arrow into the side of its unsuspecting head, sending It flying.

The rest of the trailer shows scenes of the player using the Pals to build workbenches, riding them to trample other Pals on the ground, and even having them fight each other. It also shows the player taking several guns, including a shotgun and machine gun, into the wild to mow down some Pals.

While you may be inclined to call it “Pokemon with guns”, the developers would rather you think of it as “Ark meets Rust meets Minecraft meets Dragon Quest…with some GTA”.

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