Pac-Man World Remake Coming To Nintendo Switch And PS5 This August

Nintendo just dropped a boatload of third-party news during today's Direct, including news about Monster Hunter, Bomberman, and Mario + Rabbids. Tucked in there was a reveal for a Pac-Man World remake. The PS1 platformer will be coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch as part of the repackaged Re-Pac.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Pac-Man World Re-Pac below. The original game reimagined Pac-Man, taking the iconic video game character from the mazes he's most known for and placing him in a platformer. Rather than eat dots and chase ghosts, Pac-Man is tasked with saving his family in Pac-Man World. As you can see, those pesky ghosts have captured Ms. Pac-Man and all of their Pac-kids.

Not only will Re-Pac put Pac-Man back on foot, but he'll also be driving cars and traveling through space, so technically beyond Pac-Man's world despite the game's title. There's not long to wait for the remade Pac-Man platformer either. As revealed right at the end of the trailer below, Pac-Man World Re-Pac will be here on August 26, 2022.

Although very little was revealed about the collection during the Direct, and even the trailer itself, additional info actually leaked slightly before the reveal thanks to its Amazon pre-order page (via ResetEra) going live. Similar to Sonic Origins' anniversary mode, Re-Pac will give players a wider view of Pac-Man World in Quest Mode, boasting smoother more intuitive gameplay. You can also play it as originally intended, but not until you have completed the polished version of the game.

If Quest Mode isn't your jam, or you want to mix things up and go a little more old school, there's also Maze Mode. Pac-Man can also do a lot more than what he's famous for, which is running and chomping. Make the OG video game mascot butt bounce, rev-roll, and hover too. While not confirmed, it also seems likely that teased Fortnite collab will be coming soon too, perhaps in conjunction with Re-Pac's launch later this year.

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