Overwatch's Moira Gets A Buff Reversed After Community Complains

Blizzard recently announced a big change to Overwatch that involved putting characters more strictly into the roles they play, meaning hybrid characters had to choose a lane and stick with it. In the case of Moira, a support character with limited healing, Blizzard decided to experiment with buffing her a little bit in the playable test realm to make up for her weakness in regenerating health by making her more evasive.

It went a little far.

Blizzard focused on Moira’s fade skill, which allowed her to get out of harm’s way fairly quickly. On Twitter, professional Overwatch player for Washington Justice Nikola Andrews posted a video of the buff’s new powers.

Essentially, as Andrews points out in a later tweet, Moira’s evasion can now get her out of nearly every status. Attacks designed to pin evasive characters down, like Mei’s Freeze or Roadhog’s hook, were essentially just ineffectual. It was a problem because it completely changed how big a problem and priority she needed to be in matches. The community was fairly vocal in their opposition, but Blizzard argued that allowing Moira to sake her team from things like Reinhardt’s Earth Shatter gives her necessary utility.

At least, until today’s patch, where Moira’s invulnerability to status effects with her Fade skill has also faded away. This is what playable test servers are for, really. Trying out new things and then changing them when they don’t work out.

It’s just a shame for Moira mains.

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