Overwatch Anniversary start date, new 2019 skins release time and PS4 Workshop launch

The third Overwatch Anniversary event from Blizzard starts tomorrow on PS4, Xbox One and PC and will include something special for fans.

Fans can look forward to new skins and other cosmetic rewards being released on May 21, alongside a brand new Workshop feature.

The good news is that Overwatch events always have a unified release time, no matter where you are or what platform you use.

And based on previous events, fans can expect the Overwatch Anniversary event to begin between 6 pm and 8 pm, on May 21.

Blizzard has varied when Anniversary events have begun in the past, meaning we can’t be precisely sure when the 2019 celebration will start.

But what we do know is that the Overwatch Anniversary will come packaged in a new update on all platforms.

This year’s Anniversary event will bring back skins and items from past Overwatch events, not to mention returning brawls and game modes.

New Legendary skins will be launching as part of the event, some of which have already been revealed.

This includes a new design for Winston, who has been turned into a Gargoyle as part of the celebrations.

Academy D․Va is another new skin which will be released during the 2019 Overwatch Anniversary event.

It’s expected that six new legendary skins will be part of the new seasonal lineup, alongside three new epic skins.

Other cosmetic items will be bundled into the event, which will end around June 10, 2019.

Every Anniversary Loot Box is guaranteed to have at least one of more than 190 Anniversary event items, including the new items for this year.

Each purchase of the 50 Anniversary Loot Boxes bundle also includes one bonus Legendary Anniversary Loot Box and players will also receive one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box for logging in to the game during the event.

The other big news being confirmed by Blizzard today is that they will be launching their brand new Workshop Mode on PS4.

Keith Miron, the lead software engineer of Overwatch, revealed more on the project, which has been available for testing on PC.

For those that don’t know, the Workshop is a simple game scripting system that gives players the power to customise features in the Game Browser and create their own custom Overwatch games.

This means that players can create scripts, and add Rules and play Conditions on top of the established game modes players already have.

“The community has some really great ideas for what kinds of things they want to see in Overwatch—new Arcade modes, or entirely new game modes—but the development team only has time to do so much,” Milton confirmed in a new interview.

“So a big part of the reason we decided to make the Workshop was to give players a way to bring their cool ideas to life themselves.

“The response to Workshop has been amazing. So far more than 2.7 million games have been created, and more than 60,000 game codes have been shared. And that’s before the Workshop has even gotten into PS4 players’ hands.”

And if that’s not enough for you, it’s also being reported that Overwatch will be available to download and play during the first week of the Anniversary event.

We haven’t received word on if the new trial extends to all platforms but it will apparently run until May 28.

We’re also waiting for confirmation on if the new Workshop Mode is coming to Xbox One, alongside PS4 this week.

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