Overwatch 2 Reveals New Control Map, Antarctic Peninsula

Overwatch 2's second season is coming with a new map called the Antarctic Peninsula, building on the arena map Ecopoint: Antarctica. This is a Control-type map that will feature Mei's lab, an underground tunnel system, and the icebreaker ship which we can actually go inside.

"It's just super rad to fight inside an abandoned ship as large as an icebreaker," art director Dion Rogers said (as reported by Polygon). "We've got cool tunnels and the engine room – you can get a lot of direction from it, because you can see the bow of the ship and you can see where the captain's chamber is. If you're working together, you can call out a lot of very key areas where people are. It's very clear to understand where that might be, especially if you understand the language of boats. We studied icebreakers pretty well to try and integrate this into the level."

This map is also the first designed with the new five-versus-five format, while also being the first to experiment with verticality. As such, it should feel varied from other Overwatch maps. But if that isn't enough, there are penguins to interact with. You can shoot them (why would you, though, you monster), but you can't kill them.

Not only does this new map sound exciting from a gameplay perspective, but it also sounds exciting from a lore perspective. For Mei fans in particular, there'll be a lot to dig into, as according to lead narrative designer Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, "One of the things that's so exciting about this map is you get to see a huge part of the story that we've never talked about before or shown. You can see the Overwatch icebreaker ship that tried to come and rescue Mei and our team, but failed… Overwatch disbanded before anyone could ever get back there."

You'll be able to unearth new lore just by exploring the map, but Jurgens-Fyhrie also teases that there are secrets and hints that "will tell you something even more exciting about the story to come."

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