Overwatch 2 Removes Mercy’s Auto Heal, Nerfs Healing And Mobility

Mercy is set to receive a bunch of nerfs and even a minor rework later today, targeting her healing output and mobility. After the season 3 launch, it won't be as easy to fly between teammates as the winged support hero, and she won't be able to automatically regenerate her health – an ability she's had since Overwatch launched in 2016.

Now, her guardian angel ability will take 2.5 seconds to charge up, keeping Mercy on the ground for much longer and limiting her ability to escape danger. She will also only be able to heal herself while healing others, rather than automatically regenerate health like the other supports.

Starting today, Mercy's healing-per-second has been put down from 55 to 45. This makes her already sluggish healing ability even slower, but also essential for keeping herself alive. On top of that, guardian angel's cooldown has been increased, and it seems that her super jump ability has been nerfed too, now being 20 percent slower in certain manoeuvres.

The only positive to be found here is that Mercy will now heal teammates below 50 percent health much faster. This makes a lot of sense, with most of Mercy's utility coming from her (largely underused) damage boost beam. Therefore, the change to her healing output seems to be pushing players to deprioritise heal-botting, and get them to take a more proactive approach in battle.

Even with this in mind, it's an incredibly surprising move. While Mercy is still a common pick in competitive, she is largely seen as one of the weaker supports, considering her slow heal output and the fact that she cannot heal and attack at the same time. Truly, she is often only as good as her team, and not as able to carry her squad as other supports are.

Unfortunately for those of you who have been calling for it for months, no, there are no changes coming to her resurrect ability. You will still have your kills completely undone by the press of a button – sorry!

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