Overwatch 2 Fan Discovers That It Might Take Place In 2077

Even though Overwatch is set in a fictional universe, there has been discussion regarding when exactly the second game takes place. Already confirming it's roughly 50 years into the future, one player has discovered evidence suggesting Overwatch 2 players are doing battle in the year 2077.

John_is_a_fool has taken to Reddit to share the discovery they made this week. It takes the form of something that can be found in Paraiso where there's a Sinestesia poster with the date Friday, May 14 on it. A little fast-forwarding through 50 years' worth of calendars helped the Overwatch player narrow down when exactly that date can fall.

John concluded that May 14 only falls on a Friday once during the 2070s, in the year 2077. They also added that the poster could be referencing 2088, but that seems unlikely. Therefore, Overwatch 2 presumably takes place in the year 2077, and as was quickly pointed out in the replies to John's discovery, that far-flung year is an increasingly popular one with developers.

The biggest reference to the year 2077 is, of course, Cyberpunk. Popping the year in which the game takes place right there in its title, most of the conversation around John's discovery actually focuses on Cyberpunk and whether it's good now. Plus a few jokes about the 2077 link to Cyberpunk explaining why the first few months of Overwatch 2 have been so buggy.

Another video game reference pointed out by a fellow Overwatch player relates to Fallout. October 23, 2077 is the year the bombs drop in the Fallout series. It might also be worth noting that there's nothing to say the poster discovered in Overwatch 2 isn't an old one that has been up for years. Focusing on the year to come rather than five decades from now, Blizzard confirmed this week that Overwatch 2 will be getting a variety of new and returning game modes throughout 2023.

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