Outriders: How To Fix “Party Joining Failure” Error

Outriders is finally available today across PS4 and PS5, PC, and Xbox consoles via Game Pass, and we can all at last settle into People Can Fly’s latest multiplayer looter shooter. Or at least we would be able to, if it weren’t for a pesky “Party Joining Failure” error.

We’ve got the solution to this little problem no matter which platform you’re using to play Outriders, and this tip should work even if you’re playing cross-play multiplayer with friends on PC or console.

Read below for our Outriders multiplayer fix and you should be able to get yourself and your friends into a tight-knit party fast.

How To Fix Outriders’ “Party Joining Failure” Error

This error is a strange one because joining parties should be an easy task in any multiplayer game, unless you’re playing cross-platform, where extra hoops get thrown in. Most strangely, though, is that Outriders’ party system may treat each player as if they’re on a different platform regardless.

If you have issues with joining a party in Outriders, follow these steps below to hopefully fix things.

  • Enable Cross-Play in the Options menu under Gameplay.
  • Go to the Matchmaking Terminal in the Lifttown Garage.
  • Use the terminal and “Generate Game Code”.
  • Share your game code with your friends, and have them enter it at the terminal.

With all of those steps followed, you should be able to play with your friends – and yes, this fix is necessary even for those on the same platform.

How To Fix Outriders’ “Matchmaking Unavailable” Error

This error has been elusive, and seems to be caused primarily by the influx of players on the game today and logging in to the server.

There has been no concrete fix found for this error yet, so it is suggested that you attempt to restart your console and check your internet connection for a hopeful fix.

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