Outriders: How To Defeat the Vanguard Captain

After an extremely popular demo, Outriders has finally released, giving players the opportunity to explore everything Enoch has to offer. Whether you’ve been playing for a little while or you spent hours in the demo, you might have come across the Vanguard Captain. This is one of the first mini-boss battles in the game, and it’s one of the earliest chances you will get to practice interruption in the main quest.

Here’s everything you need to know to defeat the Vanguard Captain in Outriders.

Where Is The Vanguard Captain

You will first encounter this mini-boss during the Reunion quest. Whilst following the objective to carve a path to the solar tower, you will come across a ruined building. Whilst walking through, you will get a tutorial pop-up explaining Interrupts and Resistance, which is crucial in the upcoming fight.

Continue through the building and you will find a heavily fortified area amidst the ruins. Here, a Vanguard Captain will appear with a lot of backup.

How To Defeat The Vanguard Captain

Any weapon and skill that can cause damage will work against the Vanguard Captain. It isn’t resistant to any of your damage, so find cover and start attacking. Stay at a distance, as the large group of enemies will quickly leave you dead.

However, once you kill the captain, you might notice that they don’t drop to the floor. Instead, it might turn into a small orange orb that hovers in place for a moment. After a few seconds, a Vanguard Captain with full health will pop back out. The battle is back on.

This happens because the Vanguard Captain has an ability called From The Ashes. They will cast it whilst they are still alive and, if not interrupted, will respawn upon dying. There’s seemingly no limit to this, so you need to counter it.

Likewise, the Captain could also have the Healing Light skill, which lets them regain health throughout the battle.

How To Prevent From The Ashes and Healing Light

To prevent the Vanguard Captain from successfully casting From The Ashes or Healing Light, you need to prevent it with your own abilities. Not all abilities can interrupt, but you can check this in the skills tab. Hover over a skill and you will see Interrupt listed among the damage types.

Now that you know which of your skills can interrupt, you need to make sure you only use it when the Vanguard Captain is casting From The Ashes or Healing Light. This is clear because a bar appears above their head with the ability’s name next to it.

When the Vanguard Captain uses one of these abilities, cast your interrupt skill. It is best to have two or more interrupt skills assigned at once, as the Captain may attempt to cast them again before your skill has recharged.

Continue doing this to prevent the Vanguard Captain from successfully using From The Ashes or Healing Light. Deal damage in between using your guns and other abilities until the Captain dies.

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