Onion Games Founder Yoshiro Kimura Announces New Sandbox RPG, Which Will Apparently Be His Last Game

On its website, Onion Games, an indie game studio from Japan, has revealed today the development of a new sandbox RPG. The announcement was accompanied by a statement from company founder Yoshiro Kimura, creator of Moon, Million Onion Hotel, Black Bird, and Dandy Dungeon.

“I’ve decided Onion Games will make our first sandbox RPG. I think this will probably be my final RPG. I’m sure I’ll suffer through comparing it with my past works. But I’m going to push on. And if I don’t start now, I may never be able to make it. This is my last chance, both in terms of age and stamina. So, this will be my last RPG. I’m going to pour my all into it and if it all ends with this, then so be it,” the 51-year-old writes.

Kimura has founded two indie game studios. He began his career at Square and then joined Love-de-Lic. He founded Punchline on December 27, 2002, where he served as president until 2005. After working as a producer for Marvelous Entertainment from 2006, he joined Grasshopper Manufacture in 2010 as its Chief Creative Officer. He left the company in August 2011 and founded the indie developer, Onion Games, where he serves as president and game designer/director.

In July, it was announced Onion Games would release its 1997 PS title Moon, considered an “anti-RPG” by Kimura, to the Nintendo Switch for the first time in English on August 27. Moon, which according to the developer doesn’t have the same mechanics as other RPGs, puts players in the role of a kid who is sucked into a game and must follow the hero to save the souls of those he kills.

While traditional RPGs require players to defeat enemies to gain experience and level up, Moon aims to show players “what really happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG videogames,” the game’s website says. The game is currently available for the Nintendo Switch for $18.99.

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