Old School RuneScape Wilderness Changes Might Be On The Way

The Wilderness is a controversial topic for most Old School RuneScape players, but it looks like Jagex might be bringing sweeping changes to the PvP zone in a future update. The development team recently posted a “Wilderness Changes Survey” to its website, asking players detailed questions about why they visit – or refuse to visit – the dangerous location.

The survey is brief but comprehensive, covering topics such as Skulltricking, Wilderness bosses, and skilling content. It also asks whether you think the Wilderness “offers a good balance between risk and reward,” and even goes as far as to ask for your own suggestions for the zone.

Here are a few of the most interesting questions brought up in the survey:

  • I think ‘Skulltricking’ within the Wilderness is a problem.
  • I think organized groups of players have too much of an advantage over solo players in single-way combat.
  • I would spend more time within the Wilderness if fights were fairer for solo players.
  • When adding new content to the Wilderness, the focus should be on end-game, best-in-slot rewards.
  • When adding new content to the Wilderness, the focus should be on new skilling activities.
  • I think the Wilderness bosses need to be reworked.

Jagex mentioned the poll is intended to influence the upcoming Wilderness Changes project that is expected to begin in May – although specifics for the project are yet to be announced.

The Wilderness is a PvP zone in OSRS that lets you attack other players of a similar level. The deeper into the Wilderness you go, the larger the level gap between you and your target becomes. Stepping just a few feet into the zone isn’t very dangerous, but venture deep into the deadly area and you could be attacked by players well above your skill level. It’s a fun but terrifying place to hang out, and it’s great to see Jagex giving the often-forgotten area a dedicated project.

The Wilderness Changes project is set to begin next month, but you can voice your opinion today in the Wilderness Changes Survey.

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