Off-Road Racer Overpass Coming February 2020: Watch Latest Trailer Here

Bigben Interactive has shown off the next driving game in its lineup. No, not WRC 8, which launches next month, but a new off-roading franchise. Meet Overpass.

Overpass looks to explore a niche in the genre similar to this summer’s European Truck Racing Championship. Only here, instead of multi-ton racing trucks that top out at 100mph, players will be moving even slower. Like SpintiresOverpass values smarts over speed, requiring players to navigate tough terrain if they want to cross the finish line.

Developer Zordix Racing promises over 40 tracks from six different environments, all with unique terrain. A realistic physics engine, including vehicle damage will force players to learn more about each setting. They’ll be able to choose from over 20 real-world vehicles to do it, including buggies and quads from names like Yamaha and Suzuki. Players will also be able to access the vehicles’ differential and drivetrain options to get the most out of them.

Overpass will arrive with a career mode as well. Here you’ll need to grab sponsor attention and “manage your vehicle” — whether that be repairs or updates is unclear at this time.

Lastly, in a rare (for the genre) move, Overpass will feature a split-screen mode. Online multiplayer will also be available.

Overpass launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Steam) February 2020.

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