Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Eye Of The Storm

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50 Mudokons need saving in the Eye of the Storm level in Oddworld Soulstorm. Saving 80 percent of the Mudokons on the Brewery stage and this level will unlock the true ending of the game. So rescuing this last group of Mudokons is very important.

The Eye of the Storm is an easy stage to save every Mudokon. There is only one thing you should know before you play through the Eye of the Storm, which is that you need 100 Moula saved up for opening a door blocking several Mudokons later in the level. So make sure that you are collecting plenty of Moula throughout the stage and not overspending at vending machines.

Mudokons 1-8

Start the level by going right and saving the two Mudokons on the walkway.

Keep going down the walkway and save the other two Mudokons.

You will reach this large mixer station. Assign each Mudokon to a control button and step on the pressure plate. Doing so will spawn a few Sligs. Possess the first one that emerges and use their gun to kill the other Sligs that appear. Keep gunning down Sligs until it is safe for your Mudokons.

Once the Sligs stop spawning, the mixer will finish concocting a new brew. When it finishes, go to the left section to save two more Mudokons.

Go to the opposite section on the right and save the other two Mudokons.

Go to the bottom right section and send all eight Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 9-12

Go to the elevator underneath the mixer and take it down to the lower level.

Go right until you reach the section dropping down to lower platforms. Use a rock candy to blow up the power generator here. You can buy rock candies at the vending machine below this spot.

Climb the platforms above you and climb the ladder.

Save the four Mudokons up here and send them through the portal.

Mudokons 13-19

Go back down and solve the puzzle where you need to knock out the Sligs onto the pressure plates with bouncy candies.

Go past the (now moving) crushers. Save the two Mudokons here and use your chant to power the pumps.

Go right until you reach the area with the flamethrowers. Save the three Mudokons above the caged area here. Have your Mudokons stay put for the time being.

Get through the flamethrower area and power the pump at the top. The flamethrowers will turn off, so meet back up with your Mudokons and have them follow you again.

Jump across the platforms to the right and save the two Mudokons on the other side.

Send all seven Mudokons through the portal above the last couple of Mudokons.

Mudokons 20-25

Keep going through the level until you reach The Tear Fermentation Chamber. Clear the chamber of Sligs whichever way you prefer. Burn down the wooden structures in this area.

Save the four Mudokons here.

And the two Mudokons here.

After you power the next pump, the door blocking the main path will open. Jump back down to the platform this door is on, and the portal will be behind the door.

Mudokons 26-30

Keep going right on the main path until you reach the pulley-style elevator. Go down this elevator and use a Fizzy Pow to blow up the metal floor by the elevator.

Climb down these platforms. Pull the lever at the bottom to open the yellow door. Then save the five Mudokons here and send them through the nearby portal.

Mudokons 31-36

Beat the mini-boss by using the giant lasers to blow up the chant blockers.

Take the trolley across and go right. Keep going until you reach the Bone Refinery.

Clear out the Sligs.

Power up the brew pump using your chant.

Go to the bottom section and get the Mudokons to follow you. Blow up the metal floor above them with a Fizzy Pop.

Go right from this section until you reach the end of the platform. Send the six Mudokons through the portal. Then go through the door to the next section.

Mudokons 37-41

Go left once you enter the next section.

Jump across the platforms to reach the secret area. Pay 100 Moula to open the door and then save the five Mudokons here and send them through the nearby portal.

Mudokons 42-47

Possess the flying Slig at the Spice Grinder and kill the other Sligs. Also, break the wooden blockade in front of the Mudokons on the left.

Get through the flying maze and pull the lever at the end. Then use your chant to power the pump.

Now the doors will open, and you can reach the Mudokons. Save all six Mudokons in this area.

Jump down all of the platforms here, and once you reach the bottom, go right to find their portal. Send all six Mudokons through the portal.

Mudokons 48-50

Climb back up to the platform above you and go right. Take the trolley to the back section and enter the final brewing room.

In the final brewing room, save the last three Mudokons and send them through the portal beside them.

That is every Mudokon in Oddworld Soulstorm. All you have to do now is beat the final boss. Use your special powers and dodge the mines. Then use fire to blow up the rocket tanks. You will now get the best ending in the game. Congrats!

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