Oculus Quest Launches On October 13 And Costs $299

The Oculus Quest 2 is the second generation of Facebook’s iconic VR headset and will be heading to store shelves on October 13, boasting a competitive $299 price tag.

The Verge reports that the headset will replace the Rift S and the original Quest to be Oculus’ premier offering for VR entertainment. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Quest 2 is that its Link feature is set to make wires a thing of the past — you can now play PC VR or native games without being tethered.

As of today, pre-orders for Oculus Quest 2 have opened in 22 different countries. The full package will come equipped with the headset itself as well as two all-new touch controllers. Oculus claims these controllers are still inspired by the original Touch design, but this time they’ll have better ergonomics and an improved battery life designed to last four times longer than the prior model.

The Verge notes that the Oculus Quest 2 is 68 grams lighter than its predecessor and will come with a soft cloth head strap instead of the stiff rubber one it had before, allowing for a more comfortable and user-friendly experience. Digital Trends also reports that the Oculus Quest will have 50% more pixels, boasting a resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye alongside 6GB of RAM. Oculus also says that it will be able to support 90Hz, which is a real game-changer for virtual reality in that it permits an even smoother overall experience. For $299, you’re getting quite a lot of bang for your buck, especially if you’re using the Oculus Quest 2 as an entry point for VR.

Even aside from the Quest 2, the Oculus platform is blossoming thanks to its ever-increasing range of VR content. On top of having exclusive titles like Harmonix’s Dance Central and Insomniac’s Stormland under its belt, it’s also got upcoming Respawn Entertainment shooter Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond in the works.

The Oculus Quest 2 is set to launch on October 13. Again, at $299 it’s a pretty decent entry point for those looking to finally experiment with the prospects of virtual reality.

Sources: The Verge, Digital Trends, and Oculus

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