Oblivion Mod Lets You Order A Real-Life Domino’s Pizza

There isn't much games can't do these days. Whether it be your main method of socializing with friends or just throwing something on to chill out with after a hard day, games are so all encompassing that it can be easy to lose dozens of hours of your free time to them. One of the only things they can't do is feed you, but that hasn't stopped modders from trying. For example, take creator Nickies who has made a mod for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that adds a character to the game that will order a real-life Domino's pizza right to your doorstep.

You can download the Nickie' Pizzablivion mod via Nexus Mods, which adds a character called Pizza Black who can be found in a village called Weye just to the West of the Imperial City. Talking to Pizza Black will let you ask "for the usual," after which a set order will be placed at your closest Domino's pizza chain. The order itself is a 12-inch thin crust pizza, an eight-piece box of Garlic Bread Twists, and a bottle of Fuze Lemon Tea, all of which comes to $28.23.

There are a few things to consider before you rush off to Weye. The mod currently only works for people in the US and can be a little finicky to get working properly, as Nickies recommends calling up your local Domino's to see if they got the order. Also, if you know your Domino's product codes and have some experience with coding, Nickies actually says that you should be able to customize your order in the mods .py file.

All of this means that if you can get it working properly, every time you're feeling a bit peckish and you're too engrossed in your ninth playthrough of Oblivion to make some food, just can just take a trip to visit your good pal Pizza Black who will set you up. Just be sure to tip your driver for having to deal with all your tomfoolery.

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