Non-profit Charity RPG Research Requests Volunteers, Warehouse Facilities, And Donations

RPG Research recently sent out an urgent call requesting more volunteers, more warehouse space, and more donations to help meet the overwhelming demand it is currently facing. In a truly good news/bad news situation, the organization has seen donations increase by 600% from previous years, while 2020 has increased demand for the organization’s programs by more than 1,000%.

The increased demand is simply more than RPG Research is currently staffed and equipped to handle, resulting in the call for aid. Along with the need for more volunteers, RPGR is also seeking a sizeable warehouse to house office space, events, the RPG Museum, as well as to hold the RPG bus and trailers. The ideal warehouse being sought is “a 2,000 (minimum) to 4,000+ square foot warehouse” somewhere “in the greater Spokane Washington or Post Falls Idaho region”.

ICYMI, RPG Research is “a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable research and human services global volunteer-run organization studying the effects of cooperative music and all role-playing game formats and their potential to improve lives around the world.” The international (six continents) organization began studying roleplaying games and their effects in 1983, and since then have presented their findings through various programs in educational settings, prison systems, and therapeutic medical settings. Since 2004, it has provided “the world’s largest open and free online research repository on the effects of role-playing games”, finally incorporating into “a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable research & human services organization in 2017.”

In the post on its website, RPGR details the positives and negatives it has seen this year, including growing from just 12 regular volunteers two years ago to nearly 150 internationally at present. Its one to two programs a week has grown to now more than 10 per week, but due to lack of personnel to run these programs, it has had to put them on hold. Even the online programs have grown 70% to 90% this year.

The post has all the details on the volunteers needed, including a list of 15 positions where they are urgently needed, as well as additional warehouse requirements. Donations can be submitted through its Donation page, and you can also lend your support through its Patreon.

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