No, You Can’t Kill Uncle Ben In Marvel Snap To Get Spider-Man

It's been reported by other outlets that there is a playable Uncle Ben card in Marvel Snap that, once destroyed, summons Spider-Man. However, at the moment, Uncle Ben is not in Marvel Snap, and may never be – no patch notes or announcements make any mention of him. There is a card of Uncle Ben on the internet, but it's unclear if this comes from a datamine or from a hoax that has been given legitimacy by various sources all reporting off one another's information.

Websites like and viral tweets have been used as confirmation for the Uncle Ben card but contain no source or proof the card is in the game itself. Also, card information on Marvel Snap Zone seems to show the card is as of yet unreleased. For cards that are in the game, such as Spider-Man, we see both the collection pool, "Collection Level 486+ (Pool 3)," and status, "Released."

Viral tweets have been circulating with the card art, as have decks claiming to contain the Uncle Ben card, but it's not so simple. Anyone can submit any decks to deckbuilders using fake cards, it doesn't need to be a deck exported from the game itself, so this still doesn't equate to any solid proof Uncle Ben is currently available in Marvel Snap.

Other articles mention that the current Marvel Snap season is Spider-Man themed, but the Uncle Ben card isn't available as a season unlock, nor is the standard Spider-Man card. The season is titled Symbiote Invasion, so Uncle Ben doesn't necessarily have to be included in that. Miles Morales, Carnage, Spider-Woman, and several symbiote-infected variant cards are part of the seasonal rewards, however.

Uncle Ben may well be coming to Marvel Snap soon, and if this is his correct ability, it's hilarious. The artwork for the card is in line with the style used in the game, so it's likely it was datamined at some point, but he is not available in the game at the moment and does not appear in any in-game decks.

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