Nioh 2’s Darkness In The Capital DLC Releases On October 15

With the Tokyo Game Show 2020 starting soon, publisher Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh 2’s “Darkness in the Capital” DLC pack will be heading to the game on October 15, 2020. Teased in the company’s schedule for TGS, the official Twitter account for the game flat out confirmed the date before any trailer or screenshots were shared.

The official website gives a short description of what players can expect from this add-on. You’ll be traveling through Kyoto during the Heian Period and fighting a variety of new Yokai. Different heroes from the region will team up with you to tackle these new threats. You’ll also find new gear, though it’s not specifically stated if that means additional weapon types, or just better grade weapons.

The first DLC pack for Nioh 2 released in late July 2020. This second one is coming roughly two and a half months later. If the third pack follows the same pattern, we could expect it by December 2020 or possibly January 2021. With no news of a PC port, Koei Tecmo could be waiting until all three DLC packs are finalized before revealing its plans.

With the PS5 launching in mere months, it would also be nice to know if Koei Tecmo plans to update the game for Sony’s new platform. Essentially a PlayStation exclusive, Nioh 2 could benefit from the additional horsepower that Sony’s next-gen platform has. The SSD technology would certainly speed up load times, which can get a bit lengthy on PS4. Even if the game doesn’t receive a next-gen upgrade, Nioh 2 is still an excellent title that fans of the original should give a whirl.

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